What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: Back to School and Properties

on January 12, 2012

Good morning!

What a great first week and a half back to school!  It was very exciting to see everyone after such a long break.  Way to go on the great attendance, even in the snow!

This week we followed and adapted the first grade science unit: properties. We worked on catergorizing/sorting and describing different objects.  The first graders’ main focus was big and small, which is an important math skill.  The second and third graders worked with all different properties, including hard and soft, materials (wood, plastic, metal), and characters vs settings.  This is a great unit to work on descriptive language and comparisons. We will continue to explore different properties and work on describing words throughout this month.

We have been working on some other new things this week:

Recess Buddies

We are working hard to remember our Recess Buddies’ names and faces to help develop those friendships.  Check the Recess Buddies schedule on the tab at left to help your child learn their Buddies’ names.

Ms Freeh’s Room

We are expanding on the read aloud in Ms. Freeh’s room for those that attend this.  Starting this week, each of student was paired with a partner to sit and read with in Ms. Freeh’s room, rather than sitting just with the paras. After Ms. Freeh’s room, students receive a sticker on a “Good Behavior Chart” when they showed good listening and behavior. When the chart is filled up, they will get to play with Ms Wales at recess.  Check in with your child about how he is doing with this and celebrate success!  Also, we are working on story comprehension and identifying the title, characters, and setting in a follow up activity after the read aloud.  You can work on this at home too!

NEW! *Homework Notebooks*

To further students’ skills and to practice responsibility, next week I will start sending home a homework notebook in your child’s back pack.  In this notebook I will list a short homework assignment.  This could be a specific activity they complete in the notebook, or a skill they can work on with you. Check this notebook daily and initial the page when the assignment is completed.  When a student brings back an initialed notebook, they will receive an Edison Earning for the school store (for demonstrating “responsibility”).  This will be a great opportunity to grow even more in school skills. Your support at home makes such a difference!  Also, this will help to teach students about responsibility, and they will be rewarded for doing so.  As always, feel free to give feedback on this notebook.  And feel free to write notes and questions about the assignments or skills in the notebook.  I appreciate your support and ideas!

             Homework notebook summary:

                       1. Check notebook daily.

                       2. Complete assignment with child if necessary.

                       3.  Initial that it was completed.

                       4. Send back to school.

New Supplies

I just received an e-mail that our new DonorsChoose supplies have been shipped!  We also used some of the PTA money we raised at the fall festival to purchase “chairback buddies”,  organizer pouches that fit over the back of student chairs.  These are great…they allow for more independent organization and a clearer, less distracting work space!

Let me know if you have any questions about what is happening with the start of 2012!  Also, I would love your feedback on the new website. Do you find it helpful? How often do you check it? Do you like the updates?  Anything you would like to see that you don’t?  A quick note or e-mail from you would be great!

Thanks for all you do!

-Ms Wales


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