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Weekly Update: Observing, Describing, and Sorting

on January 26, 2012

Our I Spy game for others to play in the hall

As we wrapped up our first month back to school, we continued to work on properties of objects by observing, describing and sorting different objects.  We played “I spy” to work on both expressive and receptive descriptions and even created our own I Spy game which will be hanging on our bulletin board for the school to play.  Students chose an object, drew a picture of it, and wrote clues about what it was.  We were working hard at noticing all the different characteristics of the object, to make our clues and drawings accurate.  Make sure to check out our board next week to see everyone’s hard work!

The observing, describing, and sorting activites that we have been working on this month are important activities that help student develop their logical reasoning skills as they analyze and observe the obvious characteristics of an object.  The ability to classify is an important skill across many areas, including social areas.  For example, a child who can classify will be able to differentiate where younger and older children are playing on a playground, and be able to choose which group to play with appropriately.  The ability to observe and describe are also important language skills.  You can help promote these skills at home in many ways.  Here are a few ideas:

-When your child is playing with toys, label them verbally or with writing and encourage him to label other things independently.

-Look in a mirror with your child and describe your different physical characteristics. Do you have the same color hair?  How many eyes to you have?

-Do a color search.  Look around the room and find everything that is blue.

-Sort your change by coins.

-Put away silverware by sorting.

-Any matching activity. Print doubles of pictures to match working on visual discrimination.

-Play I Spy. “I spy with my little eye, something that is……”.  Describing the object and finding the object both promote classifying skills.

Next week we will be starting a new unit: maps!  We will be able to use our new DonorsChoose materials to learn about where we live, and where others live.  Again, we will be adapting the first grade curriculum and be learning similar things to other students at Edison!

I have a couple of important Edison fundrasing announcements.  Fundraising directly influences our school and classroom (the funds we earned at Fall Festival allowed us to get our chairback buddies, and hopefully a new phonics curriculum), so I encourage you to participate where you are able!

1.  We are collecting Box Tops.  These are due from the school February 17.  I will collect for our room until then.  This is an easy way to support Edison!

2. The EdFest Auction is coming up (February 25)!  This is the school’s biggest fundraiser of the year.  Check it out: http://edison.dpsk12.org/edfest/ .  I will likely be an auction item…I’ll keep you posted on the final details!

Thank you for your support!  What a great first month of 2012.  I am so proud of everyone’s progress, attendance, and responsibility with their homework journals!  Keep it up!

Feel free to offer feedback on this site, the new homework note procedures, or anything else in the classroom.  I love to hear your input!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Ms Wales

PS Are you subscribed to this blog?  By subscribing you will be notified whenever I put up a new post, which is a great way to assure you are getting all of the necessary updates and information asap!


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