What's going on in Room 125?

Please send waterbottles to school!

After returning from a great  (and slightly hot) day of horseback riding  I am reminded that it is time to start sending water bottles to school.  As the days get warmer, so will our school. Please send your child to school with a water bottle. We will keep this here (and bring it to the barn) to make sure everyone is getting enough water! 


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Weekly Update: The New Inclusion Schedule!

This week was all about our new schedule. It was so exciting to have everyone out and about each day!  I am so proud of all our students, and the great job they did with their first week in their “big” class.  I’d love to talk with each of you about your child’s first week, so feel free to give me a call when you have a chance! 

We are also increasing our integration of the iPad in our learning. Proloquo2Go has been the most present.  I programmed a folder for each story we read this week, so students were able to answer questions using the iPad.  Several students also did some great independent academic work using goal-specific apps.  It is great to have this technology in our room.

This Sunday is the Mile Hi 5, which raises money for our school! Please come out and volunteer or run/walk the race yourself!  I will be there as a runner (it’s my first 5k!) and a volunteer, and would love to see some Room 125 support!  So many of the funds that the school receives have supported our room this year, thanks to support like this run. What a fun way to get together and support Edison. Check it out and register at: http://edison.dpsk12.org/mile-high-race-and-volunteer-registration-on-the-east-playground/

We are still in need of Expo markers and highlighters. If you have any exta at your home, we would love to use some of them here at school!

Make sure to give all of your children a big high five for their great work with the new schedule this week!  Enjoy your weekend:)

-Ms. Wales

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Weekly Update: Handwriting

Another busy week for Room 125!  This week we focused on handwriting during centers. We are using the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum and focusing and fine motor/prewriting skills and proper letter formation.  Something that we have been working on is starting our letters at the top. We have a song and dance that is helping us to distinguish the top, bottom, and middle (“where do you start your letters? At the top!”) and are really working on starting letters at the top instead of the bottom. This helps with letter formation and writing fluency.  Please use this language to help your child remember how to start their letters at home!  If you have any questions about how we are teaching certain letters so that you can stay consistent at home, let me know. Each student has their own handwriting notebook which I can show you.  We will continue focusing on handwriting next week as we also adapt to a new schedule!

New Schedule

I am thrilled by the constant support of the wonderful teachers and staff at Edison. Thanks to their flexibility, ideas, and support next week we will try out a brand new schedule which includes academic inclusion for all of the Room 125 students!  Though each student’s schedule is a bit different, for the most part first graders will attend inclusive classes sometime between 10:30-11:45 and second graders will attend from 2-3:30.  This is very exciting for everyone in Room 125!  Some students started some  new classes this week, and have done absolutely amazing with their inclusive class. I’m so proud of them!  Thank you for your support and flexibility as we figure out new schedules for everyone. I will keep you posted on our successes!


Due to the changing schedule, new inclusion, and a few other bumps at the end of the day, I haven’t been able to write notes as I would like. Thank you for your patience and understanding. As we figure out the new schedules I may have trouble writing every day as I would like. Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me to chat about your child’s day!  It is important that we maintain open communication, and I want to make sure this happens regardless of note writing.  I’m always happy to chat on the phone or exchange e-mails!  Thank you for the great communication this year!  Keep it up:)


Thank you families for all of the supplies you have donated this year!  As we approach the last few weeks of school, we have a need for Expo markers (especially black) and highlighters in our classroom.  We would be very appreciative of any donations!

Thank you!!

Thank you for all you do!  I can not thank you enough for the support you give to your children and to our classroom every single day.  Your work at home, commitment to sending your children to school, communication with me, donations, and flexibility have made such positive impacts on your children at school!  Everyone has made such huge gains this year, and it is largely in part to your  support at home.  Thank you, thank you for all you do! Keep it up!

-Ms Wales

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Weekly Update: Welcome to Spring!

Wow! Room 125 came back to school with lots to do!  This week our fine motor activities were all about spring, and our room and hallway are now decked out with our spring crafts and writings.  We continued to talk about time and added a new activity to our day: the Question of the Day. We work on yes/no questions, opinions, counting, and comparing during this time between lunch and the Recess Buddy game at recess.  Check out the other exciting things that happened this week:

Our iPad

Woohoo!  After a couple of weeks and many hours on the phone with tech and financial support…we have our apps!  It’s only been a couple of days of experiementing, but already it is evident what a positive impact this iPad has and will have on our room.  A classroom favorite it “Talking Tom”, an interactive app with a  cat that repeats what you say in a funny voice. So much language and laughter with this!  I’m also working hard at programming our communication app “Proloquo2Go”.  Yesterday was day 1 with it, and we used it at morning meeting. We also told  knock knock jokes to teachers and our first grade role models with it. What a neat way for everyone to have a voice!  The students seemed very excited and proud to be using the iPad as a voice.  I am beyond thrilled about the opportunities that the iPad has already brought to our classroom in the first two days!  I am excited to incorporate it into many academic and social skills throughout our day.  If you are ever by our room…feel free to check out our apps with me!  Also, look at “Class Pictures” to see some of the happy faces on our first day with apps.


On Tuesday we went to our first big assembly.  The Children’s Traveling Theater put on a 45 minute version of The Wizard of Oz for ECE-3rd grade. Each of the Room 125 kids had a buddy or two in their inclusive class that sat with them.  They all were with their inclusion classmates and the Room 125 adults just hung on the sidelines. Very proud of the great behavior and sense of community! The kids at Edison are so supportive and wonderful buddies:)

Group Picture Day

Is today! We are taking a Room 125 photo as well as inclusive photos. That is, each student also joined their inclusion class photo. Again, the sense of community in those classes is huge!  If you want a copy of our photo and/or the inclusion photo, please fill out and return an order form by tomorrow, April 6.

1st Grade Teambuilding

For quite a while, we have had a couple of first graders from different classes join us at the end of the day as “role models” during teambuilding.  These past two weeks, this group has grown.  We have had up to 6 other first graders join our 3 at the end of the day (and so many more first graders are interested!). It is amazing to watch all of the kids play.  This week we played red light green light. The first grade role models are wonderful.  They are so supportive of our kids. It’s wonderful having our own little first grade class at the end of the day!  These role models are really helping us to learn some age appropriate play and social skills.

Enrichment Day

Enrichment day is May 18.  This is going to be a great day!  We are going to have a Recess Buddies celebration/trip.  Our tentative outline includes bowling, a picnic, making Recess Buddy yearbooks, making a Recess Buddy/inclusion promo video to show the school, Buddy reading, and more. I am so excited to be able to spend a day with the amazing Buddies and be able to do so many fun things in their partnerships. 

What a great week.  There is so much coming for Room 125 this spring!  Feel free to call or e-mail me if you want to know more!  I am very excited for our students!

-Ms. Wales

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