What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: Handwriting

on April 12, 2012

Another busy week for Room 125!  This week we focused on handwriting during centers. We are using the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum and focusing and fine motor/prewriting skills and proper letter formation.  Something that we have been working on is starting our letters at the top. We have a song and dance that is helping us to distinguish the top, bottom, and middle (“where do you start your letters? At the top!”) and are really working on starting letters at the top instead of the bottom. This helps with letter formation and writing fluency.  Please use this language to help your child remember how to start their letters at home!  If you have any questions about how we are teaching certain letters so that you can stay consistent at home, let me know. Each student has their own handwriting notebook which I can show you.  We will continue focusing on handwriting next week as we also adapt to a new schedule!

New Schedule

I am thrilled by the constant support of the wonderful teachers and staff at Edison. Thanks to their flexibility, ideas, and support next week we will try out a brand new schedule which includes academic inclusion for all of the Room 125 students!  Though each student’s schedule is a bit different, for the most part first graders will attend inclusive classes sometime between 10:30-11:45 and second graders will attend from 2-3:30.  This is very exciting for everyone in Room 125!  Some students started some  new classes this week, and have done absolutely amazing with their inclusive class. I’m so proud of them!  Thank you for your support and flexibility as we figure out new schedules for everyone. I will keep you posted on our successes!


Due to the changing schedule, new inclusion, and a few other bumps at the end of the day, I haven’t been able to write notes as I would like. Thank you for your patience and understanding. As we figure out the new schedules I may have trouble writing every day as I would like. Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me to chat about your child’s day!  It is important that we maintain open communication, and I want to make sure this happens regardless of note writing.  I’m always happy to chat on the phone or exchange e-mails!  Thank you for the great communication this year!  Keep it up:)


Thank you families for all of the supplies you have donated this year!  As we approach the last few weeks of school, we have a need for Expo markers (especially black) and highlighters in our classroom.  We would be very appreciative of any donations!

Thank you!!

Thank you for all you do!  I can not thank you enough for the support you give to your children and to our classroom every single day.  Your work at home, commitment to sending your children to school, communication with me, donations, and flexibility have made such positive impacts on your children at school!  Everyone has made such huge gains this year, and it is largely in part to your  support at home.  Thank you, thank you for all you do! Keep it up!

-Ms Wales


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