What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: The New Inclusion Schedule!

on April 19, 2012

This week was all about our new schedule. It was so exciting to have everyone out and about each day!  I am so proud of all our students, and the great job they did with their first week in their “big” class.  I’d love to talk with each of you about your child’s first week, so feel free to give me a call when you have a chance! 

We are also increasing our integration of the iPad in our learning. Proloquo2Go has been the most present.  I programmed a folder for each story we read this week, so students were able to answer questions using the iPad.  Several students also did some great independent academic work using goal-specific apps.  It is great to have this technology in our room.

This Sunday is the Mile Hi 5, which raises money for our school! Please come out and volunteer or run/walk the race yourself!  I will be there as a runner (it’s my first 5k!) and a volunteer, and would love to see some Room 125 support!  So many of the funds that the school receives have supported our room this year, thanks to support like this run. What a fun way to get together and support Edison. Check it out and register at: http://edison.dpsk12.org/mile-high-race-and-volunteer-registration-on-the-east-playground/

We are still in need of Expo markers and highlighters. If you have any exta at your home, we would love to use some of them here at school!

Make sure to give all of your children a big high five for their great work with the new schedule this week!  Enjoy your weekend:)

-Ms. Wales


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