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Weekly Update, 8-30-12: The First Week of Second Grade!

Hello Families,

Again, welcome back to the new school year!  What a great first week it’s been!  Due to family vacations, the three Room 125 second-graders were the only students at school this week.  And they were rockin!  Everyone did a great job remembering many of the school rules and routines. Many other new second-graders (and others) remembered the Room 125 students from last year.  Every recess at least one other student would play with the Room 125 kids for at least a little.  Our students in Room 125 are already doing a great job at remembering to say hi to their friends and playing nicely.  What a great welcome back!

This week we worked on classroom and school rules and routines. We reviewed the Room 125 rules, the schedule, and routines.  We practiced walking in the hall, waiting in line for drinks and lunch, following our schedules, and playing with others. We went on school tours and looked into the second grade classrooms that we will likely be mainstreaming in. We practiced working together during teambuilding and science, doing things like listening games, dancing, harvesting vegetables from our garden, and investigating objects hiding in shaving cream and sand. Everyone did a fantastic job!  We will continue to focus on these skills next week as we prepare to settle into our “target” schedule by week 3.

Our target schedule will be different from the schedule in which we are currently practicing.  This week and next we have our own Specials time (as mentioned under “Class Schedule” at left).  During this time students are learning the rules and routines in art, music, and P.E.  After next week, students will use the skills they learned to be successful in mainstreamed specials. That is, second-graders will now attend art, music, and P.E. with a  second-grade general education class and kindergarteners with a kindergarten class, rather than just as Room 125.  In the next week I will travel to these general education classes to talk about our class and answer any questions students may have. I will update the “Class Schedule” tab to reflect our new schedule when the time comes, but keep in mind at the beginning of the year our schedule is very much a work in progress as we continue to add new opportunities for students. Some parents and students have already asked about the Recess Buddies program…I will be talking to fifth-grade classes about this in the next few weeks, and will keep you updated as we get ready to start the program this year.

Generally, I hope to post pictures during the weekly update to show some of what we have been doing. Unfortunately, I do not have a working camera so there are no photos this week. Thank you for your patience as I work on locating a classroom camera.

Thank you to those who have already turned in the All About Me homework assignment! It looks great. If your child has not turned this in yet, please have them do so tomorrow, Friday August 31. We will be going over these books as a class and then using them to help connect with other students in general education classes. I will share them during my mainstream “prep” talks with general education classes.

Keep spreading the word about Touch the World!  Ms. Whitelock linked my site to the Edison website, so hopefully other families are sharing the news to. Because of our short timeframe (which was determined by when space was donated), we are relying solely on ticket sales to bring in funds. I plan on using these funds for some exciting iPad technology that can support Room 125 in mainstreamed classes (more info coming soon). So…get the word out there! My goal is to bring at least 50 people in support of Room 125 alone.  Also, if you know of anyone who may be willing to donate food, send them my way!

Make sure to celebrate this great first week with your child!  Remember to go over your child’s homework paper with them every night, connecting their successes (or needs) from school to home.  As always, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, or ideas!

Have a great long weekend!  

-Ms. Wales

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Welcome to the 2012-13 School Year!

Welcome to the start of a new school year!  I am excited for another year of growth and learning with many returning students and families, and to begin the Edison journey with others.  Please take the time to explore this website, as there are many new updates for this school year. Make sure to really read over “classroom info”, which will familiarize you with our routines and procedures. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to stay up to date on classroom happenings and communication. If you have any questions, please contact me.

I am looking forward to seeing most of you at Back to School Night tonight. If you are/were unable to attend, feel free to stop by our room so I can catch you up on classroom info.

As mentioned on Back to School Night (and in your child’s homework notebook) our first class homework assignment is the “All About Me Book”. Take some time to fill this out with your child. Feel free to include photos if possible! These books will be a great tool for our class to get to know each other, and for other students to learn more about the students in Room 125.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or ideas. I am looking forward to a wonderful year together!

-Ms. Wales


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