What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update, 9-10-12: The Start of Our New Schedule

on September 13, 2012

New Schedule

This week we started our new schedule. This included Specials (music, art, PE) inclusion for all students and longer and more content driven morning and afternoon centers.  I am proud of how well the students in Room 125 adapted to the changes!  This week our centers focused on Touch the World. Students worked hard making posters, invitations, and decorations for our big event. We also continued to practice our dance for the performance. Students are doing an awesome job with this!  The excitement is definitely building among our students, teachers, and school.  I’m so glad our whole class will be able to participate in this event!

This week we also started “Letter of the Week.” Each week, we will focus on a new letter. We will read and write it at Morning Meeting and use our Handwriting Without Tears curriculum to practice writing it at centers.  We are using “Dr. Suess’s ABC” to make our own class alphabet as we go along. This week the Letter of the Week was A. We will go through the alphabet with the school year.

More Technology is coming to Room 125!

Amazing news!  I applied for a grant for a classroom set up iPads….and we are getting them!  A generous donor liked the sound of my project and he is working with DPS tech support person to write an agreement and order us some more iPads. This is going to bring great opportunities to our classroom. Many of you saw last year how our one iPad transformed the teaching and learning in our room by bringing us into the 21st Century and giving many students a voice. With more iPads we will be able to do more in our classroom as well as in mainstream classes. With a class set, students will be able to bring their technology into their mainstreamed class, using it to be more involved and engaged with their peers.  I am so grateful for this grant and am excited for the opportunities that it will bring our students!  The only thing is, it is up to me/our classroom to raise the money for our apps and protective cases. So, Touch the World is now more important than ever!  The money we raise here will be used to support our new technology.  Keep inviting friends!

Touch the World

..is less than a week away!  As I’ve mentioned, our class excitement is growing as we work hard every day preparing for “our party”.  Many people from our school and community are coming to support us. Continue to invite members of your community! The more support, the better. If you would like some mini fliers to pass out, please let me know and we’ll send some home!  I’m thrilled that everyone from our class will be there!  This will be an amazing night for Room 125 and other classrooms for students with autism in Denver!

Next Week

Next week we will continue to prepare for Touch the World.  The big event is Wednesday at 6.  We will continue to work on skills for mainstreaming, recognizing faces, and Letter of the Week.  We will celebrate Ms. Lexi’s birthday. We will try out a new program for our daily read aloud, aiming for more engagement with all students and the story.  I will also be meeting with this year’s Recess Buddies and hopefully starting up the recess matches sometime during the week.

Thank you for all your support as we get started with so many new things at school!  I am looking forward to seeing everyone at Touch the World!  Have a great long weekend:)

-Ms Wales


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