What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update, 9-27-2012

on September 27, 2012

Another busy week for Room 125! We are now finishing our second week of 2nd grade mainstreamed science with Ms. Martin’s class and Recess Buddies. Our kindergartener went on his first field trip with Ms. Guckes’ class.  And we started some new things in Room 125:

Voice Scale

You have probably seen our Voice Scale come home in a few forms in your child’s homework notebook. This is the way we are measuring and practicing voice volume in Room 125 and the rest of school. This scale is meant to help students recognize the volume of their voice, as well as choose an appropriate volume across different settings. Here are some places we use the volumes:

1. hallway, bathroom, computer, group time when someone else is talking

2. library, group work in inclusion

3. talking to a friend, working with a teacher in centers

4. recess

5. never, unless it’s an emergency.

We have been practicing all the volumes except 5, which is saved for emergencies only. Practice this scale at home whenever possible. It will help students learn and utilize this scale if it is used consistently throughout their day. Point out what volume they are throughout the day and/or talk about what volume they should be. We will continue to use this scale throughout the year.












Special Helper

Monday, we started Special Helper again. This is the same as last year. Each day a different student gets to be Special Helper. The get to do things like help me during Morning Meeting, be the line leader, and make choices that we use throughout the day. Special Helper changes daily in a random rotation.  It is a Special Helper’s job to be a good role model, following the rules and doing good listening.  If a Special Helper has consistent trouble showing good Special Helper behavior, they may be fired for the day. Special Helper is a privilege and worthy of celebration, so feel free to ask me when your child is Special Helper and how they do!

Pajama Day

Monday, October 1st is pajama day!  Students and teachers are invited to wear their favorite pajamas and bring a stuffed animal to school on Monday! It’s October count day, and it’s very important for all students to be at school so our school can receive funding from the state. Send your child in pajamas for the fun!

I Need Your Feedback!

Please e-mail me, comment on this blog, or send me a note letting me know how frequently you use our website. I want this to be the most effective source of communication it can be, and appreciate your help and feedback to make it so.

Have a great weekend!

-Ms. Wales


2 responses to “Weekly Update, 9-27-2012

  1. Jason Garcia says:

    I enjoy the updates and read them weekly. Thanks for keeping us all informed on what is going on in room 125. There conitinues to be exciting advancements with our kids! The voice volume can definately be a challenge, and I think the visual scale is a great way to address it.

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