What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: 11-1-12

on November 1, 2012

Happy November!  It’s hard to believe October is over and we’re on our way to Thanksgiving.  Here’s some things that we did to end the month:

2nd Grade Performance

I am so proud of our 2nd graders who performed in the 2nd Grade Class Specials Show yesterday! The auditorium was full of families and teachers there to watch the 2nd graders perform songs, dance, and musical instruments they made in specials. Our students were up there on stage just like the rest! So very proud and impressed with their hard work. We have some video footage, so if you’d like to peak just ask me when you come in!


This we did some Halloween themed activities. We explored the outsides and insides of a pumpkin (I will upload pictures tomorrow), went on a ghost hunt, and practiced top and bottom with a spooky skeleton. We practiced the Monster Mash, which is the dance the second-graders performed yesterday! I hope everyone had a great holiday.

Penny Harvest

We are continuing our efforts toward the Penny Harvest for Edison’s community service project. To get excited and to connect this project to our learning, we have been spending time counting and cleaning our pennies. Please send in your spare change to help our project grow!

Pen Pal

I got a surprise in the mail this week, which brings great opportunity to our classroom. My cousin is a teacher in Ohio and his students all wrote letters to our classroom with great information about themselves and their school, and question about us. Not only are the letters from his students clearly well thought-out and products of hard work, but this is a great opportunity for our classroom to practice writing and sharing with others! I will be sending a note home about this Pen Pal project soon, with an “About Me” homework assignment which we will use to help create our letters, and also share with our Recess Buddies who want to know more about us.


Thank you again to everyone that came out for conferences. I appreciate your support and communication, both of which allow for the greatest success in our students. Have a fabulous weekend!

-Ms. Wales



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