What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: 11-15-12

on November 15, 2012


This week we got excited for Thanksgiving in many ways. We practiced sharing and saying “thank you” every day during Teambuilding. We made placemats for a feast, counted Thanksgiving icons, made turkey hats, and read “A Plump and Perky Turkey”.  Tomorrow (Friday 11-16) is Edison’s Thanksgiving lunch. If you bought tickets, come join Room 125 at 11:30 for a special lunch!  If you get a chance before or after break, please send a quick note, e-mail, or phone call to share your Thanksgiving plans. This will be a good way to support conversation between students and their friends when they come back from break!

Pen Pals

We started our letters to our Pen Pals this week. This has been a fun project that students seem invested in. Though we are obviously working on writing and a new form of communication, creating the letters has been a good way to work on communication skills and goals. As we write, we have been practicing answering questions like “What is your name?” and “how old are you?” Student also have been practicing making choices from their Pen Pal Homework Assignment and an iPad choice board to decide what they want to talk about in their letters. It is great to see students share information about themselves. The skills we are learning and practicing with this project will also be meaningful to communicate with peers.


Room 125 had perfect attendance this week! Great job to the students and families for getting to school every day. It was wonderful to have our whole class at school consistently! Academics, friendships, and routines grow stronger each day that students are at school. Keep it up!

Enrichment Day

Next Tuesday is Enrichment Day! I spoke with each of you a bit about this day during conferences. We will be taking a Recess Buddy trip, similar to last spring. The trip will be lead by myself and Ms. Archibald, a 5th grade teacher. We will be going ice skating at the Apex center while getting to know some of our Recess Buddies better. This will be a great opportunity to practice something new, while teaching the 5th graders more about their Buddies. Monday we will prepare and get excited for this trip by reading News2You about ice skating, talking about ice, and “practicing” skating. It’s going to be a fun week! Keep an eye out for updates about what to bring and how to dress on Enrichment Day (coming soon!).


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