What's going on in Room 125?

Enrichment Day Note home

on November 16, 2012

Hello Families,

Sorry for the quick notes yesterday…I was in a meeting about Enrichment Day. As mentioned in the weekly update, Enrichment Day is Tuesday! We will be spending the day with our Recess Buddies. In the morning we will go ice skating at the Apex Center. This is a great opportunity to learn something new with our Buddies! Ms. Archibald, the other teacher leading the trip, is an experienced ice skater and teacher. The Apex Center also has some tools to help beginner skaters on the ice.

Please send your student to school on Tuesday, November 20 with the following:

-warm, but thin socks





-packed lunch (let me know if you will need a sack lunch from the lunch room)

Another focus of this day will be to have discussions with the 5th graders about good ways to play with and mentor their Buddy from Room 125. At the end of the day Ms. Lexi and I will meet with each Buddy “team” to talk about their Buddy and their successes and questions at Recess. I would like to invite Room 125 parents to come at 2:45 to speak with 5th grade students about your child and answer any questions they may have. Students have a lot of curiosity about the kids in Room 125, and who better to answer their questions than their parents?  Please let me know whether or not you will be able to attend. 


Feel free to call 720-424-7799 or e-mail Kelsey_wales@dpsk12.org with any questions or ideas for Enrichment Day!

-Ms Wales 


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