What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: 1-10-13

on January 11, 2013

Welcome back!  This week we worked on remembering school rules and routines after a nice long break at home.  We stayed positive, giving extra praise and rewards for good behavior. For the most part, everyone did a great job getting back into the school routine, including during inclusion classes.  Awesome!

This week we talked about colors. Sorting is an important skill both in and outside of school, and colors are a good place to start teaching these skills. For some students we focused on matching and learning the colors, and for others we worked on different skills (such as using sentences) to discuss colors.  You can work on colors in many different environments. Point out colors in your house, at the store, in a story. Work on sorting and matching things by color. Have students describe something by naming its color. If you have any color learning/practice ideas feel free to share! Likewise if you’d like any ideas for working with your particular child, let me know and I’ll share some of what we’ve been working on!

We have also been working on “waiting”. Waiting can take many forms. You can wait your turn, wait for something you want, wait while someone is talking, wait for technology to start, wait for an event, and much more.  To work on waiting, we have been using a “wait” icon (see picture  below). When asking the student to wait, we give them the icon to hold so that they have a concrete understanding of what we are asking. The expectation is that you sit quietly with your hands to yourself when waiting. To practice, I have a student wait for just a few seconds and then say “ok!” as the key word to engage in what they were waiting for, making sure to take the “wait” hand back as I do so. I also praise “good waiting”.  This is a skill you can practice at home. The wait icon is easy to make; you could even do this with your child so that they have some investment in practicing the skill with you. If you need materials or would like us to make an icon for you, please let me know.

"Wait" Icon


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