What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: 3-21-13

on March 21, 2013

Good morning!  Here are some quick updates for Room 125:

1. Tomorrow is our second trip to Acres of Opportunity Ranch! Make sure to send your child to school in weather appropriate clothing, including layers. We may get some rain tomorrow, so be sure to send rain gear and extra clothes to change into!  Also make sure to send a water bottle and a snack so that students can stay hydrated at the ranch.

     1a. Acres of Opportunity Ranch is having a retirement party for one of their horses, Rose. Please see the following info and feel free to RSVP and attend! It’d be a good opportunity for you to get to see the ranch! Here it is:

You are all invited to celebrate the Retirement of Rose, one of our most beloved program horses.  Rose was an original program horse, donated 5 years ago in April because she suffered from significant arthritis.  Rose has served the program in many ways, from carrying tiny kiddos for their first ride to being my rock in programs like Adams Camp and the Edison Elementary School Autistic Program. She has worked full-time, sometimes over-time, for the needs of the children and she has rarely ever complained.  This party will be dedicated just to Rose and unlike our parties in the past, there will be an entry fee of $5 per person, which will be a donation towards Rose’s retirement here at AOR.  She will stay here until she passes, which is what she deserves.  It wil be held on SATURDAY, APRIL 6th from 10-12PM. Please RSVP by April 1st, so I can plan accordingly. 
 Anyone is welcome to attend the party, including outside guests and family.  If anyone is interested in purchasing Rose a “retirement gift,” please contact me directly to see what would be helpful.  It is common for guests to bring special treats for all the horses, such as carrots and apples.  Typically we have a large abundance of produce that ends up going bad before we can feed it all to the horses.  Here are some contributions that can be made for Rose instead of treats:
– A bag of Purina Equine Senior (she eats 6 lbs of this grain every single day)
– A bag of beet pulp pellets or alfalfa pellets (she eats 3lbs of this every single day)
– A container of Aspirin powder (she requires this daily for her arthritis)
– A container of Select Legacy Pellets (a joint supplement she gets daily)
– A syringe of dewormer (she gets this once every other month)
Rose will also be very excited to continue to have kiddos come and love her, groom her, and spend time with her.  I will have a sign up sheet at the party for anyone interested in making a regular commitment to her come visit her just to give her extra TLC, since she will no longer be used in programs. 
I hope to see you all for this celebration!
2. As you know, next week is spring break. Please send me a note, e-mail, or comment to let me know how your family spent some of the time off. We will use this information to help facilitate conversations with peers!
3. Our classroom is getting new carpet over spring break. This may seem like a big change to some, but what will probably seem like a big change to most is that some of the furniture may be out of wack on Monday! We will pack up together tomorrow so that everyone has an idea that something is going on. I will be here Monday to set up before school too, but just in case prepare your child that some things may look a little different!
4. Class pictures will be on Thursday, April 4th. If you gave me an order form (or are giving me one), please let me know if you would like a picture from our class (Room 125) or their general education class (Guckes, Freeh, Martin) or both.
5. Please let me know if you can see the pictures on our website. I’ve been having some issues with this recently, and am not sure if they are visible to everyone. Let me know!
6. Edison’s Running Club (which I assist with on Thursdays) is participating in the annual Mile Hi 5 Race on May 4th. There is a kids run, 5k, and 5 mile race. I went last year and it was a fun and relaxed way to enjoy some exercise with many members of the Edison community. I’ll be there again this year with several other teachers and friends, and it would be lovely to have some Room 125 families there as well…I know we have some runners in this class:) Let me know if you need help with registration info!
Have a fabulous spring break! I’m headed south for some climbing, so probably will not be as e-mail accessible as usual. I will get back to you as soon as we’re back!
-Ms. Wales

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