What's going on in Room 125?

Upcoming Dates

 Please let me know if you have any questions about our upcoming fun activities. We have a lot packed into the last few days of school!

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Weekly Update, 5-16-13


We continue to do more and more fun end of the school year things. Please mark your calendars for the following:

Wednesday, May 22: Horseback riding

Friday, May 24: Field day. Parents invited!

Wednesday, May 29: 2nd grade picnic and

Recess Buddy party, 2pm. Please try to attend to meet the amazing 5th graders who have been great friends to your children. Their parents are invited as well.

Thursday, May 30: 2nd grade picnic

Friday, May 31: horseback riding and

Room 125 party and continuation, 2pm Please try to attend to celebrate a great school year. We will be celebrating and saying goodbye to our three 2nd graders who will be attending Eagleton next year as well as sharing summer info for all students and families.

June 3: Kindergarten graduation and 1st grade picnic

June 4: talent show and last day of school!

Please let me know if you have any questions about these end-of-the-year events. Hope to see you the 29th and/or 31st!


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Weekly Update: 5-8-13

Hello! As mentioned in my previous update, the end of the year is soon upon us! Here are some upcoming events:

Enrichment Day is this Friday! We will be headed to Acres of Opportunity Ranch with our Recess Buddies. We will be there longer than usual (leaving Edison at 9:30 and returning around 1:40) to engage in a variety of Buddy activities, including field games, horse painting, riding, created this year’s Recess Buddy video and a picnic lunch. When we return to school we will be creating a Recess Buddy photo booth to help us remember our Buddies. This is an important trip that will allow us to have fun and share with our Recess Buddies, who have demonstrated great commitment and responsibility this year. Please make every effort to assure that your child is on time and at school on Friday so that everyone can celebrate with their Buddies!  Please make sure your child is prepared with:

1. weather appropriate clothes, including layers and things that can get wet/dirty

2. barn appropriate shoes (that can get wet/dirty)

3. a water bottle

4. a packed lunch

5. apply sunscreen in the morning if desired as we will be outside most of the day

Field Day is on Friday, May 24th. Students in Room 125 will be participating with their general education classes. We will be rescheduling horseback riding from this day to either Tuesday or Wednesday that week (I will let you know when that date is finalized). Prior to field day, every class will be tie-dying t-shirts to wear that day. Please send a plain white t-shirt with your child by next Monday, May 13, so that they can participate with their class!

We will be having both a Recess Buddy Party and Room 125 Party/Continuation during the last few weeks of school. I will let you know when these dates are finalized and hope you can attend!

We have three 2nd graders who will be starting at Eagleton Elementary for third grade next year. We will celebrate with a “Continuation” at our party. We are also starting to talk more about this change with pictures. Next week we will be making books about starting at the new school. If your child is going to Eagleton next year, the more you talk about it, the better! I’d also recommend going to visit and/or play on the playground to start to help them feel familiar with their new school. Ms. Laging is open to classroom visits towards the end of May, and I think it would be wonderful for you to visit the class with your child if you have the time. This is a great way to let them meet Ms. Laging, see the school, and start to comprehend the changes.

Please make sure to stay informed of end of the year events and festivities with this website, Edison’s site, and Thursday folder fliers. I know a lot is coming up, so do not hesitate to call, e-mail, or write a note if you have any questions about upcoming events!

Thank you for all you do. Looking forward to a few more weeks of progress and fun!

-Ms Wales

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Weekly Update: 5-2-13

Happy May! Looking forward to spring weather as we approach the end of the year. Despite the snow, we have been talking about spring. To supplement what grades K-2 have been learning in science, we have been talking about flowers, making diagrams and labeling the parts (roots, stem, leaf, flower). This week we also practiced hiding quietly for a lock down drill. We will continue to practice this the next couple of days. Though we practice fire drills monthly as a school, we do not have as many opportunities to practice lock downs and severe weather, so we are spending more time as a class on these things. We reviewed shapes (circle, square, rectangle, trisngle) and colors (yellow, red, blue, green) of the week. Remember, each week we focus on a letter, shape, color, and rhyme. Feel free to touch base with me about what we’re on, and what we are working on with your child specifically, that way you can support the skills at home.

As the end of the year approaches (the last day of school is June 4th), lots of fun things will be coming up in our classroom and school. In the next few weeks I will try to keep you posted with details on things like Enrichment Day, field day, end of the year parties, the Recess Buddy party, and graduations.

Here are the most relevant upcoming events:

1. Mile Hi 5: This is a fun 5k/5 mile/5000 feet race benefiting Edison and other schools in Northwest Denver. The race is this Saturday, 5/4 at Sloan’s Lake Park. Several teachers and families from our school will be there, including me and Mr. Dani, and it would be great to have some support from Room 125! The money earned goes straight to Edison’s PTA. The PTA has done many great things for our classroom, including helping to fund our horseback riding trips. I hope to see you there!

2. Enrichment Day: Next Friday (5/10) is Edison’s Enrichment Day! We will be going on a Recess Buddy trip to Acres of Opportunity Ranch. Prepare your child for horseback riding as usual with appropriate clothes and a water bottle. Please also pack a sack lunch as we will be having a picnic lunch .

Remember to dress for horseback riding tomorrow!


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