What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: 9-19-13

on September 19, 2013


Can I just start by saying that I am so PROUD of everyone in Room 125! We started an all new schedule this week, which is much more individualized and (I believe) better serves everyone’s learning and other needs. This schedule is very different even for students who have been in my class before. But everyone is doing great! I am so impressed with how much growth I can see in everyone with school routines, especially checking schedules and getting to work. Now that we’re our first month is coming to a close, we are shifting our focus from strictly routines and behavior to more content learning too. Did I mention I’m proud of these kids?! Thank you for the support you provide by sending your child to school each day, establishing routines at home, and promoting school values across environments. Our teamwork is so important, and you can see it in all of these students’ growth!

There have been some circumstances where some of you have had to pick up your child early from school. Thank you for communicating this with me, and making sure that your child is able to come to school even if they have to leave a little early, rather than missing the whole day. Starting tomorrow, we are going to change this pick up routine slightly. With the new schedule I’d like to keep students rockin and rollin with school routines and activities until the end of the day. This can get tricky when early pick up happens in the room. So, starting tomorrow, when you sign out your child in the office, they will call me and I will likely send your child to the office with a para for pick-up, as is done school-wide, rather than you coming into the classroom. The intent is that we can keep up classwork with the students that are here until the end of the day. Please let me know if you have any questions about this!

If you have extra plastic grocery bags around the house, Room 125 can give them a home! We often use these bags for soiled clothing when the need arises, and we seem to have a shortage! So, we can help you recycle if you have some.

Thank you for your continued communication and collaboration. This has meant a lot to me (and your child!) as I continue to strive for the best schedule and programming for every student so that we can continue to challenge them as much as possible. I’m looking forward to continuing to watch everyone grow!

Have a great evening,

Ms Wales


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