What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: 1-30-14

on January 30, 2014

Hello there!

Here are some of the fun happenings of our last week of January:

  1. Ms Mosley was here! I think most of you met her, a teacher resident from DU. She spent the week with us to learn more about teaching in this type of classroom. She jumped right in a did some teaching, doing a fantastic job.
  2. Ms Raegan had a birthday and we had a party (today).
  3. We survived a few more days of indoor recess.
  4. We continued our new class morning meeting, with more hands on components to work on total participation and involvement.

Now, an idea. I would love feedback on this:

A few weeks ago, I had you send in pictures from winter break to serve as communication aids to our students. I think this could be a great conversation tool, serving as a visual to prompt sentences/words from some, or just to exchange for others. I was thinking about how this might be a nice tool to use more frequently, to help give students a voice about what they enjoy and to share with others.  I have spoken with DPS’s technology department about this idea using our iPads. They are open to piloting a program where we send the iPads home on weekends. Each weekend we could create a folder for you and your child to add pictures which they could share at school the following week. While this will take some logistic planning, I was curious to see if any of you are interested in trying out something like this? If so, we can work out more specifics and check out the corresponding waiver. Let me know your thoughts!

Have a fabulous end to the week!

-Ms Wales


2 responses to “Weekly Update: 1-30-14

  1. lynn truell says:

    hi. i think that is a great idea about sharing pictures via the ipads. (we actually have a mini for lukas that we could use alternately so we would not need a DPS one to take home if that makes it easier.)

    also, i keep checking for the holiday party photos with the recess buddies. i know you had to wait for permission from some of the buddies before posting them, but we are looking forward to seeing them.

    i guess more indoor recess for today!

  2. Thanks for the feedback!
    The Recess Buddy photos are up on the Recess Buddies site:)

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