What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: 2-27-14

on February 27, 2014

This quick update is less about technical things, and more about this beautiful growth that I have been so aware of lately. Today it is just so powerful that I have to share:

The relationships between students in this class are really coming to life! 

I have noticed the past few weeks how aware and interested everybody seems of each other. In this classroom, so much is teacher facilitated and so much is going on and most students need support with building relationships….so it’s not unexpected when and if students do not interact often.

But this seems to be changing! I’ve heard unprompted compliments to others (e.g. “I like your shirt”), sometimes with unprompted responses. I’ve seen arms around each other in a “buddy” way. Students have been helping other students by reminding them of what to do, often in a nice tone of voice. Even just seeing some students observe others shows their awareness!

And then today something awesome happened that I just have to share. During K/1 teambuilding we were playing Mr. Fox. Every student had a role. Those that talk were saying the words of the game (so many times unprompted!). All were laughing with each other totally appropriately. One student purposefully pointed to his number in response to the call of the others. They were taking turns and passing the number pages we use in the game to each other. The were running from and trying to tag each other. Though there were two of us adults supporting the game, we were prompting far less than usual. It was just beautiful to see everyone engaged with each other at their level, and to watch the appropriate laughter and running. 

I know these words may not paint what a great picture we experienced, but I wanted to try because it was so fun and inspiring.

Every student in this class has made such growth in their interactions with each other and other students in this school. I’m just so proud of them. 

Other news: Report cards come out next week, the second grade show is tomorrow at 2:45, and I’m still waiting on date confirmation for our horseback riding trips.

Have a great evening!

-Ms Wales


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