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Weekly Update: 3-27-14


Happy almost spring break!

This has been a fun spirit week with a first grade performance and kindergarten field trip. Now the final countdown until spring break! Feel free to send me a quick note about what you’re doing so I can facilitate conversation as needed, and help prep everyone for the big transition.

I am working on a DonorsChoose project to get toys for our classroom to teach play skills, serve as motivation, and promote interaction with peers. Several of you have asked about making donations to the classroom. Once this project is up (aiming to finalize before break), this would be a great place to make a donation. Also, if you have ideas for toys that may be motivating for your children that we could find on Amazon, please let me know ASAP and I’ll add them!

After spring break we’ll be gearing up for our horseback riding trips. We’ll be going Monday mornings starting the 14th. After break I will have more info and waivers for you if you weren’t here last year!

I hope everyone has a great spring break! Please let me know if you have any questions/comments. (I will not be as present on the internet over break as I plan to go on a couple of climbing trips!)

Have a good day,

Ms Wales


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Picture Day Tomorrow!

Class picture day is tomorrow! Students will be in our class photo and their inclusion class photo. We will be taking ours first thing in the morning..please be on time:)

Have a great spring evening!

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Parent to Parent Resources

Hello and happy Friday!

As I discussed a few posts ago (and in conferences with each of you), I hope to provide support and networking amongst our families by sharing the great resources that many of you have for your children! I just added “Parent to Parent” resources on the “Parent Resources” tab of this site to include an ongoing list of recommendations from all of you and past families. Thank you for those who have shared ideas with me thus far! I know there is far more out there, and you all know more than I do when it comes to resources that serve your family now…so please share with me and I’ll put them on the site to support our families who are all at various stages of locating and utilizing services and supports for their children. Any and all recommendations are welcomed….pediatricians, respite services, supportive businesses, fun outings, community resources, whatever you can think of that may be useful to another family of a child with autism!

I learn so much from you every day. Thank you for sharing and helping me grow as a teacher!

Have a great weekend,

Ms Wales

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What Edison’s New Pick Up Policies Mean for Our Classroom


You probably received the e-mail or Facebook notification from our school about our efforts to cut down on people in the hallways before and during school. In order to promote safety and better allow teachers to prepare for school in the morning, our school is making an effort to cut down on students and families in the hallways before school and during school hours. These updates apply to our classroom as well, though I spoke with our principal and secretaries to ensure we have ways to keep the students in our classroom safe and have the time needed to transition into the classroom each day. So, we are still able to have you drop off in our classroom prior to the bell, but will be more consistent with the school expectations. Starting next week (Monday, March 17 and on), please be aware of the following reminders and expectations

  1. You can be let in the front door at 8:30 to come drop off in our classroom.
  2. If you are here before 8:30, you must wait outside or enter through the cafeteria doors.
  3. Likewise, the door to our classroom will be open at 8:30. If you are in the school prior to this time, please wait in the cafeteria or outside.
  4. School pick up time is at 3:30. I will bring students out back with the rest of the classes.
  5. If you wish to pick up in the classroom, you may catch us there at 3:30 when the bell rings. If you need to pick up any earlier (even just a few minutes), you must go straight to the office to sign out your child.

These guidelines will help us respect school policy and safety while continuing to meet our students’ needs. In order to respect both, I will ask you to go sign out at the office if you come in before the bell rings or wait outside if you arrive before 8:30. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

-Ms Wales

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Weekly Update: 3-6-14

Hello families!

A few things to share this week:

  1. Please notice the new notes pages in your child’s binder. The daily sign in will be on the front, and notes from me on the back. I know the notes from me has varied slightly for those who have yes/no charts, but I am going to make an effort to do quick notes home again on these pages. Please let me know what you think. I want to be sure your child’s page includes information that’s relevant to them and to you. Nothing is permanent!
  2. You are likely familiar with Edison Earnings at our school. We have not been as consistent with these in our classroom since each student has such individualized behavior charts/rewards. Starting this week, I am making an effort to implement the Earnings with the target of “nice words and actions.” Basically, I will award one when someone goes above and beyond with nice words and actions (this will, of course, look different for each student). Our school has started classroom prize boxes, so each time an earning is awarded, students will go home with a mini prize (e.g. eraser, bracelet, pencil, etc). I’ll try to note when this happens, but if you see a little prize like that, know that your child really went above and beyond with those nice actions!
  3. Finally we are implementing the inclusion t-shirt project with our funds from Touch the World! The t-shirts are in and at tomorrow’s First Friday assembly we will be awarding the first batch to students that we’ve noticed have gone above and beyond in being good friends to the students in this class. I am excited to recognize those who have done such a great job and to see much of our school displaying our shirts!
  4. As you know, we often find ourselves in the position of being short a para. A couple of times this week we have been lucky to have a sub, Ms Phyllis. I tried to introduce you, but I just wanted to be sure you know who that is. She has been in our classroom several times and is aware of our routines, expectations, and individual student needs.  So when you see her, know that she’s somewhat “a regular.” J
  5. Report cards and IEP progress reports are going home today! Let me know if you have any questions about them.


Enjoy this weather!

-Ms Wales

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