What's going on in Room 125?

What Edison’s New Pick Up Policies Mean for Our Classroom

on March 13, 2014


You probably received the e-mail or Facebook notification from our school about our efforts to cut down on people in the hallways before and during school. In order to promote safety and better allow teachers to prepare for school in the morning, our school is making an effort to cut down on students and families in the hallways before school and during school hours. These updates apply to our classroom as well, though I spoke with our principal and secretaries to ensure we have ways to keep the students in our classroom safe and have the time needed to transition into the classroom each day. So, we are still able to have you drop off in our classroom prior to the bell, but will be more consistent with the school expectations. Starting next week (Monday, March 17 and on), please be aware of the following reminders and expectations

  1. You can be let in the front door at 8:30 to come drop off in our classroom.
  2. If you are here before 8:30, you must wait outside or enter through the cafeteria doors.
  3. Likewise, the door to our classroom will be open at 8:30. If you are in the school prior to this time, please wait in the cafeteria or outside.
  4. School pick up time is at 3:30. I will bring students out back with the rest of the classes.
  5. If you wish to pick up in the classroom, you may catch us there at 3:30 when the bell rings. If you need to pick up any earlier (even just a few minutes), you must go straight to the office to sign out your child.

These guidelines will help us respect school policy and safety while continuing to meet our students’ needs. In order to respect both, I will ask you to go sign out at the office if you come in before the bell rings or wait outside if you arrive before 8:30. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

-Ms Wales


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