What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: First Week of School

Hello Room 125 Families!

We have almost made it through our first week of school! I am quite impressed with this class and the progress everyone has made with new routines this year in just a few days.

This week was all about routines and rules. Important things we are focusing on include:

1. The Room 125 Rules (see “Classroom Information”)

2. Checking your schedule when the timer goes off (and taking the icon on the top!)

3. Walking in line

4. Sitting on the rug

5. Waiting your turn

6. Common schedule procedures, such as the steps involved at lunchtime, doing independent work, locating important school rooms

7. Practicing for a fire drill

A game we briefly introduced that you can work on at home I call “Come Back” and is aimed at making sure students are listening and will come back when called (an important safety skill). When I say “go” students run away from me. When I say “stop” they need to stop immediately. And when I say “come back” they need to run back to me. “Listening to your teacher” is a rule I try to practice in a variety of ways, since this is extremely important in many, often unplanned, situations (such as a fire drill).

Next week we will continue to work on our rules and routines and I will start to gather information about students’ academic skills to better plan our centers in coming weeks.

Tomorrow will be our first First Friday Assembly and our first Fire Drill (we will not be told in advance about the others).

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your collaboration and support as we get the year rolling!

-Ms Wales

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First Day of School

Thank you to the many of you that made it out for Back to School Night! It was so wonderful to (re)introduce everyone to the classroom. I know I went over a lot quickly (in a noisy room), so please do not hesitate to ask questions.

The first day of school in Monday! Please review the drop off and pick up routines in the “Classroom Information” tab. Also remember to send the following:

-extra clothes to stay in lockers

-water bottle

-any unfinished paperwork (I need the Student Information, permission for sharing about autism, and School-Parent Contract from everyone. I e-mailed what you are missing on Friday).

-lunch (if needed)

-snacks (long term supply or for the day)

Please also be sure to go to the class directory link to sign up for the grade level directories:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1NA6FYe0j8ViYzW191z_2nvQLpNtLjadsWmbX2_9zJRo/viewform

Thank you! I look forward to seeing you soon:)

-Ms Wales

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Back to School Night!

Hello Room 125!

I am getting so excited for this school year! The past few days I have attended school and district meetings which have actually just fueled this excitement. There are a lot of things coming our way:)

Just a reminder that Back to School Night is this Thursday from 5-7. This is a very important event and I hope you all can be there. (Please let me know how I can help you with this if need be). The schedule is:

5-6 school picnic on the lawn

6:00-6:30 info session in Room 125

-important classroom information

-some final paper work

-introduce kids to the room

-put family pictures on bulletin board and/or take family pictures if needed

-sign up for class directory if you have not already done so (you can do so here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1NA6FYe0j8ViYzW191z_2nvQLpNtLjadsWmbX2_9zJRo/viewform)

-drop off school supplies

6:30-7:00 meet general education teacher

If you are unable to stay for the whole event, please make sure to be there for the 6-7 hour.

Let me know if you have questions. Looking forward to seeing you all! 

-Ms Wales


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The List

Several people have asked me about the school supply list…here it is! (The last list “Ms Wales’ Class) file:///C:/Users/kelsey_wales/Downloads/School%20Supply%20List%202014-15.pdf

Thank you to those who have set up a home visit with me. For those of you that still need to schedule a time, I am free tomorrow afternoon. Let me know what works!

See you soon,

Ms Wales

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Home Visits and School Supplies

Hello again!

Two quick notes for today…

1. If you haven’t already, please e-mail me as soon as possible with your address and times you are available/unavailable tomorrow and Wednesday. I apologize that the final home visit time are being set up so late, but hope to still see everyone the next couple of days! Please see the previous post for more details.

2. I talked to a few of you about the school supplies list at the picnic, but let me make sure everyone gets the same information here. I put things on the list that we often are in need of in the classroom. If you are able to send any of those in to help us start the school year, we would really appreciate it. Do not feel like you have to send in everything on day one, though. If we are in need of something during the year I often end out a message here. Some supplies last us a long time, others we go through very quickly. It always depends on the year and the circumstance. So, whatever you’re able and willing to end in now, great, but don’t stress!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, and hopefully seeing you in the next couple of days!

Talk to you soon,
Ms Wales

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Home Visits-Please Respond!


Thank you all for coming to the picnic last week! It was amazing to see/meet/introduce everybody and to have a positive first school experience before we’re back to work work work. Thanks for making this happen!

As I mentioned at the picnic, I will be doing my home visits this week. This will give us a chance to connect one-on-one, catching up a bit more about your summer, and talking a bit about what is coming up for school. I will also bring my classroom forms so you can fill them out prior to back to school night if you prefer. Home visits are a good way to concretely bridge the home-school gap for students as well, which can help in the transition back to school.

In order to make this happen, please e-mail me as soon as possible with the following:

1. Your address (this information is at school, so I don’t have it with me here!)–this will help me geographically coordinate since there are multiple homes to visit in a day.*

2. Any time you are NOT available this coming Tuesday or Wednesday.

   *If for any reason you are uncomfortable with me visiting your home, please suggest a community location that is meaningful to your child (e.g. playground, library, McDonald’s) and we can meet there. One of the home visit’s intent is to learn more about my student’s world. Home is often the most significant place to do this, but a community visit is a great backup:)

Let me know if you have any questions! I am eager to see you again and keep getting prepared for school. I will e-mail you with a meeting time after I hear back from everyone and figure out the driving!

Have a great weekend,

Ms Wales

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Class Picnic This Wednesday

Hi Room 125!

Just a reminder that our class picnic is this Wednesday (August 6) at 11:30 on Edison’s field. (Registration is open that day, so hopefully it’s convenient for you to stop by the office before or after too!) Bring a blanket, lunch, and any field games your kiddos may like.

Hope to see you then!

-Ms Wales

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