What's going on in Room 125?

Home Visits-Please Respond!

on August 9, 2014


Thank you all for coming to the picnic last week! It was amazing to see/meet/introduce everybody and to have a positive first school experience before we’re back to work work work. Thanks for making this happen!

As I mentioned at the picnic, I will be doing my home visits this week. This will give us a chance to connect one-on-one, catching up a bit more about your summer, and talking a bit about what is coming up for school. I will also bring my classroom forms so you can fill them out prior to back to school night if you prefer. Home visits are a good way to concretely bridge the home-school gap for students as well, which can help in the transition back to school.

In order to make this happen, please e-mail me as soon as possible with the following:

1. Your address (this information is at school, so I don’t have it with me here!)–this will help me geographically coordinate since there are multiple homes to visit in a day.*

2. Any time you are NOT available this coming Tuesday or Wednesday.

   *If for any reason you are uncomfortable with me visiting your home, please suggest a community location that is meaningful to your child (e.g. playground, library, McDonald’s) and we can meet there. One of the home visit’s intent is to learn more about my student’s world. Home is often the most significant place to do this, but a community visit is a great backup:)

Let me know if you have any questions! I am eager to see you again and keep getting prepared for school. I will e-mail you with a meeting time after I hear back from everyone and figure out the driving!

Have a great weekend,

Ms Wales


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