What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: First Week of School

on August 28, 2014

Hello Room 125 Families!

We have almost made it through our first week of school! I am quite impressed with this class and the progress everyone has made with new routines this year in just a few days.

This week was all about routines and rules. Important things we are focusing on include:

1. The Room 125 Rules (see “Classroom Information”)

2. Checking your schedule when the timer goes off (and taking the icon on the top!)

3. Walking in line

4. Sitting on the rug

5. Waiting your turn

6. Common schedule procedures, such as the steps involved at lunchtime, doing independent work, locating important school rooms

7. Practicing for a fire drill

A game we briefly introduced that you can work on at home I call “Come Back” and is aimed at making sure students are listening and will come back when called (an important safety skill). When I say “go” students run away from me. When I say “stop” they need to stop immediately. And when I say “come back” they need to run back to me. “Listening to your teacher” is a rule I try to practice in a variety of ways, since this is extremely important in many, often unplanned, situations (such as a fire drill).

Next week we will continue to work on our rules and routines and I will start to gather information about students’ academic skills to better plan our centers in coming weeks.

Tomorrow will be our first First Friday Assembly and our first Fire Drill (we will not be told in advance about the others).

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your collaboration and support as we get the year rolling!

-Ms Wales


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