What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: 9-11-14

on September 11, 2014


Let me fill you in a bit about the past week of school…

It is hard for me to believe this is only the third week of school, since there has been so much improvement in school behavior in relationship to our classroom rules. When you see your child’s notebook and/or behavior chart shows they had a great day super celebrate this! I am very proud of the many great days students have had!

While we are still largely focusing on our rules, routines, and structures, more and more academic pieces are filling in. I have been working to assess students on their IEP goals and find the best way to structure reading, writing, math, and/or communication centers into our schedule. We continue to focus on the “first work, then Free Choice” relationship as we start these things.

Something I am still working to organize is homework. I want to apologize for any confusion that has come with this. I am trying to find the best way to align with general education homework and IEP goal focused homework and how these overlap. I want to be sure that students have the opportunity to participate in grade level homework, especially for those who have closely related IEP goals, however I still need to find the best system to communicate with other teachers about this. The one thing I do know is the “due Thursday” note on the homework pocket is not relevant. For the most part, due dates are noted on the homework itself. Feel free to offer feedback about what works for you or ask questions about what is getting set home. As mentioned, my priority right now is classroom scheduling and routines…as we settle more into this I will focus more attention on homework, so thank you for your patience as we get this going.

Call for supplies: If you have any plastic bags (e.g. shopping bags) at home, we would love them here at school! We like to have a good stock of these for dirty clothes or other messy things.

Thank you for your collaboration with the start of the year. As our schedule starts to look more like our “real” schedule, I get more and more excited for what is to come this year!

Let me know if you have questions.

-Ms Wales


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