What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: 9-18-14

on September 18, 2014

Hello families! Here are some updates from the week.

1. We had our first Shelter-in-Place (severe weather) drill at the beginning of the week. We also had a fire drill. We talk about how important it is to listen to your teacher so everyone can stay safe. Thumbs up for the weather drill for everyone! I spoke to you about the fire drill if this was tough for your child. We’ll have plenty of opportunities for more practice!

2. Due to some overcrowding in Free Choice, I have made some changes in how this is run. While students can still choose the trampoline, couch, chalk, or break, toys choices must be brought back to their desk. Everyone really seemed to roll with this change!

3. Here is our special service schedule, so you know when those providers are in our room: Tuesday/Karin(speech-language), Wednesday/Karin and Paula (occupational therapy), Thursday/Cordero (social skills/school pysch).

I often try to provide general ideas for things you can work on at home. This week, I would like to provide three levels of writing/drawing ideas. If you are unsure of what level seems most appropriate for your child, or would like specific suggestions for your child, please let me know:

-Watch as you draw a picture and narrate what you are doing. Draw something your child really enjoys to get them motivated about the concept of writing to communicate.

-Draw a picture about something that happened. The more details included the better (e.g. add hair, shoes, glasses, grass, leaves…). Talk about the drawing. From here, you can write to label parts of the picture.

-Write a sentence or paragraph about something that happened. You can support this by having them first draw a picture and then write to describe it, look at a photograph, or draw a picture once the sentences are finished.

The more talking when writing the better! So much is about comprehension and communication…and the more practice in a variety forms the better!

Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great end to the week!


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