What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: 10-8-14

on October 8, 2014

Hello! So many updates this week. Here we go!

  1. Pick up routine-In an effort to make the end of the day and pick up a bit smoother, starting today we are implementing a new end of the day routine. When you arrive students will be at their desks where they have completed an end of day reflection activity (this part is a work and progress and will become more meaningful as we get the routine down). Students will stay at their desk until you come to them. (This will be a great opportunity to practice waiting and self-control!) Like all things, this may be updated as I try it and find new needs. But I’d like to start today with the goal of more structure, organization, safety, and hopefully communication opportunities!
  2. Special Education Parent Handbook-I am updating the “Parent Resources” tab to include some resources I got from the Special Education department and that Lee got from the Special Education Advisory Council last night. Take a look at these and let me know if you have questions. Please also let me know if you’d like a hard copy of anything!
  3. Autism Conference-This conference was amazing! I feel like I learned so much and got so many ideas! I’m going to share two major ones that hopefully can be tips at home too!
    1. Be quiet and slow down-This is something we kept coming back to! Many students with autism have processing needs. It takes a lot of students longer to process something than others. When we keep talking, quickly saying one thing after another, they are constantly playing “catch up” to try to understand what we are saying. This could lead to confusion, frustration, or “checking out.” Also, when we talk and talk we can contribute to sensory overload, especially if a student is already having a tough time. I loved this video as an example of what it is like to have too much information going to the brain at one time…we all struggle when that happens! Just “too much” looks different for every person. http://vimeo.com/4999228
    2. Busy body, busy mind-When my body is busy, my mind is busy. I had this discussion with a few students this week. If my body is busy, it is not a good time to talk to me because my mind is busy too. If you want to talk to someone, and their body is busy, you should wait until they are still or look at you so that they can really listen. This is a good strategy to help students think about what others are thinking about. This theory of mind is something that is tricky for a lot of kids on the spectrum.
  4. Sea Shells-I starting to get our progress monitoring “making waves” board up and running. The purpose is to get students more involved in their goals and monitoring their growth. This will look different for every student. I do not have all goals or all students ready yet. However, I wanted to give you a heads up about the sea shells you may find in your child’s backpack. If they meet their goal for the week, they get to pick out a shell to take home!
  5. Penny Harvest-Please send your spare pennies to class for Edison’s Penny Harvest! More info about this in Thursday folders tomorrow or Edison’s website.
  6. Low Sensory Mornings-check out this museum resource if you haven’t already! http://mychildsmuseum.org/events/Low-SensoryMornings.aspx
  7. Please send to school-We are always in need of plastic bags if you have some. Also if you have any recommendations for in-home behavior supports of consultations, I would love to add these to the “Parent to Parent” section of the website.

Well, I think those are some good items to at least get started:) Let me know if you have questions!

-Ms Wales


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