What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: 10/16/14

on October 16, 2014

Hello again!

We are really getting into the groove over here. It’s awesome to see everyone making such gains in different ways. I hope you feel in the loop about how this looks for your child. If not…just find me and ask.

On Thursdays Ms Cordero and Ms Ashley (our school psychologist and intern) lead a social group during Morning Meeting time. Starting this week, Ms Kalisha is helping to plan and implement this group as part of her social worker internship. They are focusing on strategies to use when you are angry. (It’s ok to feel mad, but not ok to hurt yourself, others, or things). Some strategies they introduced and we will be using in here are:

1. take a break (space from others)

2. Give yourself a hug

3. Take deep breaths

Let me know if you’re able to use these strategies at home and how they work!

Thank you so much for your quick response to our snack request!

Next Friday is Fall Festival. You should have information about this from Thursday folders and/or Edison’s website. Our classroom booth will be a mini pumpkin decorating booth. If you are interested in a volunteer shift at our booth, let me know. Otherwise, come enjoy the fun! This is a fun community event that directly supports our classrooms.

I updated the calendar tab with other upcoming dates.

I wanted to touch base with you again about homework. I have decided that I am very rarely going to send homework home from our class. Rather, I will continue to include general tips, strategies, and things to work on on this website. If you are interested in grade level homework (either to do, modify, or just be aware of), please connect with your child’s general education teacher. If you would like more specific feedback about strategies and supports I use with your child, or ideas about how to modify general education work, please connect with me. If there are certain strategies you’d like to see in the weekly update, let me know that as well. Otherwise, I’ll keep updating with things that we are using.

Thanks for all you do always! Enjoy your long weekend (no school Monday or Tuesday)!

-Ms Wales


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