What's going on in Room 125?


on October 29, 2014


As you may know, parent-teacher conferences are around the corner. This is a great opportunity for us to connect about your child’s progress, needs, progress reports, and supports in school (without me also doing 9 other things at once;) ). Please e-mail or write a note with your top three conference time preferences. Please also note when/if you have a conference set up with your general education teacher and I will try to piggy back that for convenience. (If your child joins their general education class for multiple academic lessons, I would recommend connecting with that teacher as well. Let me know if you have questions about whether this applies to your child.)

I will preference conference times on a first come, first serve basis as well as convenience with other conferences as mentioned above. I will try to set up times that work for everyone, but with multiple families and schedules please understand that I may have to utilize your back up choices. Thank your for your flexibility and understanding.

Conference times are as follows. Please rank in order of preference by this Friday, October 31. Thanks!

Wednesday, November 12







Thursday, November 13





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