What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: 12-4-14

on December 4, 2014


Between short weeks and illness it has been forever since I’ve been able to write a “regular” weekly update. Here it is!

I have to start by saying how completely impressed I am with everybody coming back from Thanksgiving break! It is not uncommon to need to reteach routines and rules or for students to have trouble readjusting to school after a longer break. But this whole class was full of rockstars…didn’t even miss a beat! I am so very proud of them!  Thank you for supporting your children in this transition.

As you may know, as we near the end of this semester, Ms Hull also nears the end of her internship. While her internship technically ends this week, she is staying with us until winter break. She has been an amazing asset to this classroom, and we are all going to be sorry to see her go, but so excited for her to be her very own (incredible) teacher. Over the next couple of weeks we will gradually be switching roles, with me “taking back over” more and more of the teaching. We haven’t talked about this with the class yet (though we will). As with any major change, it is greatly appreciated if you could help prepare your child by talking about it at home.

There are also holiday fun things coming up the next couple of weeks. I do not know when/if classroom parties are yet and am in the process of scheduling a Recess Buddy party. I DO know that Literacy Night is the 18th. Keep an eye out for info in Thursday folders.

The last 10ish minutes of our day include an end of the day activity at the desks. If you pick up, you’ve probably seen this somewhat in action. I am constantly trying to figure out how to make this activity most meaningful. Ideally, I’d like this activity to be one where students can be provided support to retell something about their day, while practicing “independent” seat work. So my question to you is….if your child could give you a sheet answering 1-3 questions about their day, what would they be? Keep in mind, these are things from the students, not me. (I’ll help, but I would like the information to be different than what you get in notes from me).

Thank you for all who have donated classroom snacks. This has greatly helped our class snack time as well as supported students who may need an additional snack during the day. In an effort to support our lessons on healthy eating and trying new things, I am planning on changing our snack time after winter break.  I would like to make our scheduled class snack time a time for trying healthy foods. Students will not have to eat a snack during that time, but if they want one it will be the healthy food (granola bars, cheese sticks, fruit, pretzels, muffins, raw veggies, yogurt, raisins, dried fruit, etc). During these couple of weeks before break, we would welcome donations of healthy snacks such as these to “plant the seed” for after break. Of course, continue to send your child their own snacks as well if you think they will still benefit from this during choice times.

Here is a great list of ideas to promote reading at home, from Edison’s Parent Engagement Committee:Ways Parents Can Promote Reading Writing at Home Primary.

That’s all for now! Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to your feedback regarding the end of the day sheets and snack ideas. Thanks for all you do!

-Ms Wales


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