What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: 12-18-14, Literacy Night

on December 18, 2014

Hello and happy almost winter break!

Tonight is Literacy Night! All families are invited to join us at 5:30 for a school-wide reading of “Snowman at Night” and classroom activities. This is such a fun night and I hope you can come! As I mentioned before, you can join your child’s general education class for the classroom activity. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend tonight due to a personal obligation. However, I still hope some of you make it as it is such a fun night and this will be my first time missing it!

Please check out the attachment from last week’s weekly update for some great tips about encouraging literacy at home. A quick word about reading books…Reading with your child is  a great activity, even if your child has limited communication! Reading can expand language, even if just receptively, increase engagement, and model the excitement and process for academic tasks. To increase engagement you can have students point to pictures in the book, use real objects or motions to act out the book, take turns holding the book or turning the pages, connect the book to things in your house life….anything you can think of to have your student physically engaged and/or make connections to real life is great! I’d be happy to give you more specific strategies to your child if needed. Reading with your child daily is a good goal for those in this classroom too:)

Ms Hull’s last day is tomorrow. We will be celebrating her in the classroom and fully anticipate visits and/or subbing from her next semester. However, we will miss her a lot! Make sure to give her a big goodbye/good luck when you see her tomorrow.

Have a wonderful break! See you in 2015!

-Ms Wales


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