What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: 4-30


We are horseback riding tomorrow! We will be going every Friday until the end of the year with the exception of May 15 (field day). We will go Wednesday the 13 that week.

We will leave school at 9:15 and return around 1. As a reminder, your child will need the following on horseback riding day:

-Weather appropriate clothing…layers! It is often cooler at the ranch. We will go rain or shine! *Make sure the clothes are ones that can get dirty!*

-A water bottle. There is no potable water at the ranch. A water bottle is a must for all students!

-Close toed shoes.

-A lunch. We will be eating back at school, picnic style. We will be back after lunch is done being  served, so we still need sack lunches. Please let me know ASAP if you need the cafeteria to prepare this  for  your child.

-At home: apply sunscreen if desired. Give allergy medicine if needed.

Let me know if you have any questions about this!

Also…Room 125 fun at Jump Street in Lakewood Saturday at 9! I hope to see you all there! Please see previous post for more details.

-Ms Wales

PS Here’s the video we were part of for the DPS foundation!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9CcP6RBL5s

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May 2: Confirmed

Thank you for getting back to me about May 2. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to make it, but since this is the last opportunity of the school year to take advantage of Jump Street’s “Private Hour” and several families are interested, I will plan to meet you at Jump Street in Lakewood (http://www.gotjump.com/lakewood/) this coming Saturday at 9.

Here’s the flyer again: Jump Street Private Hour

Please let me know if you need financial support. Our classroom fund is here to help us build our community and I want everyone to be included!

See you tomorrow!

-Ms Wales

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May 2/Classroom fun?


I’m not trying to put pressure on the classroom fun event, I’m just trying to make sure I understand who wants to be included and plan accordingly.

There does not seem to be much interest in May 2’s Jump Street idea. If many are interested in a class fun event, but just can’t do that day, I’d like to set up another date for our class meeting instead. If the interest in the idea of a class event is low, then I’ll just go with May 2.

I just want to make sure everyone is included who wants to be. No pressure or obligation at all.

Please let me know ASAP what your interest and intentions are. If you are interested in the event, but need financial support, let me know this too…I have support for this.

Thanks! Happy Friday!


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Weekly Update: 4-16-15

Today is the first grade show! Think positive thoughts for their performance at 1:25. We will also be celebrating a birthday this afternoon. All this plus the snow has made for a fun/silly day.

I have the final horseback riding dates! We were able to  reschedule for Field Day. I will update the calendar tab to reflect this as well.  The dates are May 1, 8, 13, 22, 29.

We are on for our class Jump Street meet up in Lakewood on May 2nd at 9 for the private event! (See the flyer from last post). Let me know if you have questions, or if you need financial assistance in order to join us (I am happy to use some of our classroom fund to help our class have fun together!).

I am on my way to update the calendar tab. Let me know if you have questions about the upcoming fun!

-Ms Wales

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Substitutes and Jump Street


Two things I want to connect about:

1. I am participating in a district-wide learning opportunity about Rethink (the resource I use for progress-monitoring, assessing, lesson plans, para education, etc) tomorrow and Wednesday. Tomorrow morning a group will come to our school to talk to me about my use of the resource and observe me teach. There will be a substitute in the morning, though I will be in the building and in the room off and on. On Wednesday I will be at another site during the afternoon and the sub will be here then.

2. I did not get much response about the class dinner idea, so wanted to put another class fun meeting out there (thanks for the resources, Lynn!). Jump Street hosts a private hour for kids with special needs (see flyer: JumpStreet Flyer). Would anyone be interested in going as a class on May 2nd to the Lakewood location? Let me know ASAP and I’ll send info so that we can have some non-school fun together.

I hope you’re enjoying the day off! See you tomorrow!

-Ms Wales

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Weekly Update: 4-8-15


It has been such a fun spirit week so far! I have loved how everyone has been participating and thinking things are so funny. Also really proud of how everyone has been staying on task even when wearing a hat for example.

This week’s list:

1. Lately I have been getting some emails returned to me as “undeliverable.” I have been resending, but if it ever seems like I’m being unresponsive, or if I send something home that doesn’t make sense, please let me know. Hopefully the issue is resolved soon.

2. We have finally received confirmation about transportation for horseback riding. We will be going on May 1, 8, 22, 29. We also have a bus for May 15, but we just found out that is Field Day. I am going to try to reschedule that day so that we are able to participate in field day with classes!

3. Illegal  Pete’s is hosting a fundraiser this month the raise money for the Joshua School. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a class dinner? The fundraiser is meaningful to one of our families, and also due to the fundraiser said they are “family and autism friendly” which is a requirement for our class;) If you’re interested in such a dinner, let me know and I’ll throw some dates out there. Monday evenings are best for me, but if that doesn’t work for others, I can still help get it organized for you!

4. This is a very busy time of year for IEPs. If your child’s is coming up, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. It’s one of the most important documents and meetings for your child!

Have a wonderful week!

-Ms Wales

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Spirit Week


I hope you all had a great break! I am looking forward to seeing our class again tomorrow. Tell your children I said hi and am so excited to see them. (You can even tell them that I have a surprise…)

This week is spirit week at Edison! The days are as follows:

Monday – Inside-Outside day (mix up your clothes/wear them inside-out)

·         Tuesday – Hat day

·         Wednesday – Crazy hair day

·         Thursday – PJ day

·         Friday – Edison T-shirt day – Wear your Edison t-shirt and show your school pride

See you soon!

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