What's going on in Room 125?

Substitutes and Jump Street

on April 13, 2015


Two things I want to connect about:

1. I am participating in a district-wide learning opportunity about Rethink (the resource I use for progress-monitoring, assessing, lesson plans, para education, etc) tomorrow and Wednesday. Tomorrow morning a group will come to our school to talk to me about my use of the resource and observe me teach. There will be a substitute in the morning, though I will be in the building and in the room off and on. On Wednesday I will be at another site during the afternoon and the sub will be here then.

2. I did not get much response about the class dinner idea, so wanted to put another class fun meeting out there (thanks for the resources, Lynn!). Jump Street hosts a private hour for kids with special needs (see flyer: JumpStreet Flyer). Would anyone be interested in going as a class on May 2nd to the Lakewood location? Let me know ASAP and I’ll send info so that we can have some non-school fun together.

I hope you’re enjoying the day off! See you tomorrow!

-Ms Wales


One response to “Substitutes and Jump Street

  1. Lynn says:

    Lukas and I can go to jump street on May 2!

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