What's going on in Room 125?

Back to School Night TOMORROW

on August 18, 2015

Hello again!

Back to School Night is tomorrow, Wednesday August 18th at 5 pm. This is a very important event to kick off the school year. You can join as early as 5 on the field for a whole school picnic. Then, at 6 we will head to classrooms (this is the most important part). Here is the plan:

6pm-all in Ms Wales’s class go to Room 125. I will share information about our class and the beginning of the year as well as answer related questions. You can fill out any paperwork you were not able to complete beforehand (also attached at the end of this post…feel free to print and bring in!) and drop off school supplies. You will have a chance to meet the other students and families in our class this year.

6:30-returning students may go to their general education teacher’s class. You will get the chance to learn about that classroom and meet your child’s inclusion teacher. **New students may meet teachers in their grade level; however, realize that mainstreaming assignments will be made after I get to know the students a bit in the first week or two.**

Also, like last year, I will have a bulletin board for pictures of our families. Please bring in a picture of your family to include. We can put it up tomorrow so that students have something connecting them to the classroom day 1. If you do not have a printed photo, feel free to email to me and I’ll print it out to include!

Please let me know if you have any questions! I am SO looking forward to seeing everyone and getting on the same page (and having fun!) to kick off the year!

See you soon!

-Ms Wales

Below are the forms I will have at Back to School Night (there are three):

Consent-letter_Mult tools sharing autism info Student Information

Also, please go to the website below if you would like to receive information from the PTA or a classroom parent and/or if they would like your child’s name to be placed in the Edison directory.   This needs to be completed by Friday, August 28.


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