What's going on in Room 125?

on October 15, 2015


Lots of fun things coming next week!

  1. No school for students on Monday or Tuesday.
  2. Fall Festival after school on Friday!

Fall Festival is one of our biggest classroom fundraisers. Emphasis on the FUN:) Join after school for Halloween fun behind Edison. Classrooms will have different games and activities set up that students can participate in with tickets (that you buy outside). Feel free to dress up in Halloween costumes for the event! Our classroom is bringing back our pumpkin decorating booth. Come support our room and others!

Also, I am looking for help with our booth!

  1. I am accepting donations for the pumpkins that we will have at our booth to minimize how much comes out of the funds we raise that day (therefore maximizing what we have left to use for our classroom).
  2. Volunteers to run the booth. For part of the festival (4:15-4:30) I will be in the first grade dunk tank. So, I would love a volunteer or two to keep the booth running during that time. Let me know if you are available then, and/or if you’re interested in helping for any other part of the festival.

Here are some highlights we have learned about this week:

  1. The weather. Key words and concepts include temperature, thermometer, meteorologist, weather tools (thermometer, anemometer, wind vane, rain gauge), types of weather.
  2. Sight words. First grade focus: go, stop, yes, me. Second grade focus: of, was, you, that.
  3. Addition. The concept of putting two groups together using objects.
  4. Letter sounds; /a/, /m/, /t/.

Have a wonderful (long) weekend!

-Ms Wales


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