What's going on in Room 125?

Weather Info

on November 17, 2015

A message from Ms Whitelock concerning weather delays and closures:

Edison Community,

With a snow storm on the way, we want to make sure that parents understand the DPS/Edison Weather Delay and Closure policies.

Introducing Weather Delay Schedule for Identified Schools: In the event of adverse weather conditions that would impede the Transportation Department’s ability to safely access students, a  “Weather Delay Schedule for Identified Schools” will be implemented beginning this school year. The goal for this delay schedule is to provide buses/students an additional 60 minutes to access schools that start at 8:30 a.m. or later. If DPS has a Weather Delay, school will begin at Edison for ALL students at 9:40 AM. Morning buses will begin pickups at bus stops 1 hour later than the normal pick up time. Kaleidoscope will provide day care for students from 6:30 AM until 9:40 AM when school starts. Breakfast will still be served to students as they arrive to school.

School Closing: If schools are to be closed due to weather conditions, the district is committed to making a decision as early as possible. The decision to   close is made by the Superintendent based on information provided by representatives from transportation agencies, the weather bureau, city and   county law enforcement and DPS Transportation. If school is cancelled, this information will be communicated in the following ways: local television and radio stations,   dpsk12.org, the district ‘s  Facebook   and   Twitter   pages.

Severe Weather During School Day: DPS will closely monitor severe weather conditions and forecasts throughout the day to ensure student   safety.  Should severe weather begin during the school day, bus routes will run in the same order as normally followed in the afternoon. Depending on   conditions, arrival times at home may be delayed.  After-school activities (athletic events, enrichment programs, Kaleidoscope, etc.) may be modified or cancelled as a result of the weather conditions. Edison will send IC messages to communicate school closures during the school day.

Please stay warm and safe in the storm.  Please call Edison’s office at 720-424-7780 with any additional questions.


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