What's going on in Room 125?

Another Weekly Update! 11-19-15

on November 19, 2015

Hello! Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!

If you have a moment to share some of your Thanksgiving traditions, I would love to talk about them tomorrow during social studies to help students make connections between our lesson and their own life. As always, I’d love to use this information to help facilitate conversation with friends!

No school all next week! Enjoy!

We started a new classroom reward system this week, focused on rewarding appropriate behavior in “class” (e.g. inclusion time). You can see this on the bulletin board in our Free Choice area. When students come back from class, I always ask how it went and/or what they did. I now make a bigger point about checking in with their behavior charts and/or paras to see if they followed the rules. If they did, they earn a sticker. Once they fill up their chart (10 stickers), they can earn “movie time.” My hope is this will create a more consistent reward system, demonstrating the ties between the two classrooms, and allowing for public celebration.

We also built a word wall! If you’re ever in the room you can take a peek at some of the sight words we’re working on.

I am truly grateful to work with such incredible children and families. Enjoy your break and let me know if you have any questions!

-Ms Wales


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