What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: 12-3-15

on December 3, 2015


Just a couple of updates and questions today!

The first week back from break we spent more time reviewing expectations and routines. There were more behavior  struggles. While we are working through this, this is not unusual after a longer break. Keep talking about the rules and going over behavior charts at home.

In social studies we are finishing up our unit on community by talking about peace and how kids can make peace and change in their community. Some ideas we saw in a video and discussed in this lesson included picking up trash, cleaning the park, saying sorry when someone is sad, holding  a food drive, helping a friend, and sharing. We connected this to our school value of “community-mindedness.” Use this language when helping out each other at home or in the community.

Lots of students seem very excited about Christmas. I love to use things that are exciting in my lessons and as motivators, so of course Christmas is coming! I’m eager to honor everyone’s traditions and make those connections to home. Please send me a quick note about what holiday(s) (if any) that you celebrate at home. I’d love to learn a bit about your family traditions so that we can talk about them at school and share with friends. Please email me or send a note in homework papers. Or call!

Does anyone have a step stool you’d be willing to share with our class? Some of us can’t quite reach the sink, but the step stool we had was too heavy for Room 125. If anyone has a stool that needs a job, please send our way:)

This First Friday Assembly is semester awards. So, update to my talk to the school: I will speak during  the January First Friday. One more month for ideas if you have them!

Have a fantastic evening!

-Ms Wales


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