What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: 1-26-16

on January 26, 2016


I just added a new tab to this website: “General Education Information.” Please take a look and let me know if you have questions! Your child’s general education teacher and classroom is a big part of their school day and career at Edison, so it is important that you are “in the loop” there as well. I want to increase my communication about general education and encourage your connection with that teacher as well. I eagerly welcome feedback to do that more effectively!

Also, just a reminder that I will be at the Parents Encouraging Parents conference at the end of the week and will have a sub Thursday afternoon and all day Friday. Only a few professionals are able to attend this conference. I have been on the waiting list for over a year and am grateful for the opportunity to learn more about resources for parents, families, and the home-school connection in Fort Collins! Please help prepare your child for this change….though most seem a little too happy about it since it says “no Ms Wales” on our calendar:)

Talk to you soon!

-Ms Wales


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