What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: 2-11-16

on February 11, 2016


We started a couple of new things in the past two weeks:

  1. We are working on our writing skills during science time. You will see our new “science writing” sheets coming home. The goals of these sheets are outlined at the top and are all writing focused. Though our content is drawn from the 1st grade science curriculum, our actual targets/goals are writing-focused. You can use these goals as guidelines whenever you work with your child on writing at home. Encourage them to check their work so they can self-monitor during writing activities. Right now, we complete the checklist together after students write their words. We will expand this to sentences for some students as able.
  2. This year I have focused a lot on being “community-minded,” including helping others in our community. So many students in this class continue to amaze me as each day they go above and beyond to help others on their own! While I definitely want to keep this going, we are having some conversations about when to “let it go.” Sometimes students try so hard to help that they are unable to follow the rules themselves (for example, telling someone else to “be quiet” repeatedly). We are talking about how it’s ok to help a friend once, but if they are not listening or still can’t do it, then it is a teacher’s job to help. When that happens, the helper needs to “let it go” and just worry about themselves. This is a tricky social skill requiring reading of the situation and making decisions based on the specific setting and activity. We will continue to talk about this and practice.
  3. Please let me know your plans for Touch the World! We want a big showing from Room 125 and want to plan our performance accordingly!

Reminder: I will have a sub next Wednesday. I will be in the building the majority of the day, taking time to observe students in inclusion time to better understand their strengths and needs in those settings and to then better support them and their teachers.

Let me know if you have questions. Enjoy the long weekend!

-Ms Wales


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