What's going on in Room 125?

Urgent-Acres of Opportunity Ranch Paperwork needed

on April 5, 2016

Our first trip to the Ranch is this Friday. Our whole class is attending these trips (5 visits total). I must have completed paperwork for every student in order for them to attend. I am sending home another copy to those who have not returned this yet. Please return these to me tomorrow, April 6. 

We are talking a lot about our trips, the rules, and what we’ll do at the ranch! Each visit is a little different, but some things we have been able to do in the past and/or may get to do this year include

-learning about horse, animal, and ranch safety

-groom horses

-lead horses

-ride horses

-feed horses, cows, pigs, chickens, goat

-ranch chores

-learn animal related subjects, such as body parts, eating, basic needs

-paint horses

-obstacle courses

And more! This is great opportunity to work on skills in a new, motivating, and real-life environment. Let me know if you have questions and please return the needed paperwork tomorrow so that your child is able to participate with our class!

Make sure to mark your calendar for our ranch trips and send your child with:

-weather and ranch appropriate clothing. Layers are important as the weather can change quickly and we go rain or shine! Have them wear clothes that can get dirty. Closed toed shoes are required.

-water bottle

-sunscreen already applied if preferred

-sack lunch (if you need this from the cafeteria, please let me know ASAP so I can order the correct amount)

-allergy medicine taken beforehand if necessary! (hay, animals, spring)

We’re getting excited for these trips! I’ll be sure to post some pictures as we go.

-Ms Wales


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