What's going on in Room 125?

Weekly Update: 4/28/16

on April 28, 2016


I just updated the calendar tab. Please check it out. Lots coming with the end of the year approaching! I will update as I know more about the end of the year happenings.  Please let me know if you’re able to come to Field Day (May 13)! Would love to have you join your child in the fun!

Last week in Thursday Folders there was an application for the CSC (a school leadership team). There are two parent positions available next year. I encourage all of you to apply. We (this comes from school administration too) would love to have a voice on our school decision making team from a parent of a child in this classroom. Our children and classroom are a meaningful part of this school and we/you should have a voice in this school beyond our room! Please let me know if you have questions. We have so many great advocates among us and you could be a great voice in this school!

Lifetouch pictures came home this week. If you would like to keep these, please send payment to school. If not, please return the pictures.

You may know/remember that Jump Street offers a private hour for families with children with disabilities the first Saturday of every month (http://www.gotjump.com/events/kids-special-needs-event-locations-9am-1st-saturday-every-month/). That is next Saturday…May 7! I was talking with some parents about meeting there then. It would be fun to have a class even there! Let me know if this would be a good Saturday for you. We meet at the Lakewood location. Also…we have classroom funds we can use to support this!

May 7 I am also performing in a circus show in Boulder. A parent asked for details about this, so here they are!   http://fractaltribe.com/events/40

“Cirque Array is a fun mix of new professional acts, first time performers, and everything in between. Cirque Array will begin with 30 minutes of variety acts followed by a short story production. Our short story show this month is Playosophy.

PLAYosophy explores the concept of play for both children and adults, and the shift of its presence over time. As we have moved into the 21st century our modern, work-obsessed society now face a screen-addiction epidemic, resulting in a loss of human connections and the appreciation for joyful, purposeless fun. We invite you to tap into your inner child and play awhile.

Suggested donation of $12”

Because of this event, I may not be able to go to Jump Street that day (late dress rehearsal the night before), but I’m going to tentatively plan on both!

Let me know if you have questions!

-Ms Wales


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