What's going on in Room 125?

Enrichment Day Today!

Remember to pack and dress your child accordingly for their Enrichment trip today.

Also, a volunteer and sub from this week sent pictures from horseback riding and the Recess Buddies party. I’m updating both websites. Check them out!

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Recess Buddy Party Help

Is anyone planning on driving to the party tomorrow? If so, would you be willing to drive the food over? We’re getting several pizzas, drinks, cups etc and it will be tricky to carry!

Let me know if you can help! Thanks!

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Wanted: Missing Library Books

We are missing several library books. Can you please check to see if any accidentally came home with your child? Thanks!

The books:

The Spooky Sound
Toy to Toy
Playdate with Lulu
1, 2, 3, Cook!: A Kitchen Counting Book
The Trash Planet
Taos Pueblo: Painted Stories
Angel Cat Sugar: Spring Picnic
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READ Plans and Recess Buddy Party

All K-3 students below grade level in reading are required to have a READ Plan to address an area of focus, create interventions, and share supports with parents to work on this focus as well. DPS has been developing what this will look like in center-based programs. As of now, all students in grades K-3 are required to have them, whether or not they have literacy IEP goals. I am sending home these plans for the end of the year today. Please sign and return to me as notice that you have received them. For the most part, the plans include reading goals that are on your child’s IEP. You can think of it as another support toward these goals. If your child’s IEP does not contain reading goals, it will look a little different. I can talk to you about this. Please let me know if you have any questions and thanks for baring with us with the new and still growing process!

Please see the Recess Buddies website for information about the party on Thursday. Let me know by tomorrow whether you will be able to join us! https://recessbuddies.wordpress.com/2016/05/23/recess-buddy-end-of-the-year-party-please-rsvp/


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End of the Year Fun!

It’s that time of year again…where it feels like one of my main jobs is creating and maintaining a social calendar with all the end of the year school events. I admit, I’m not always the most on top of all it, try though I may. I am trying to hear back from all grade levels about what’s going on. Below is what I know.

Also, we will be having a Recess Buddy party next Thursday from 11-1. Please join us! We’ll walk to the park for pizza and desserts to close out the year. This will serve as our classroom party as well.

Let me know if you have questions or if I’m forgetting something!

End of the Year Social Calendar!

Monday, May 23

1st grade Argyle trip

4th grade Field trip

Tuesday, May 24

1st grade Argyle trip

Wednesday, May 25

1st grade Argyle trip

3rd grade field trip

Thursday, May 26

Recess Buddy Party, 11-1

Friday, May 27

Horseback riding, 9-1

Monday, May 30


Tuesday, May 31

Enrichment Day–field trips for all students

Wednesday, June 1

3rd grade movies and pizza

1st grade picnic, 11:45-1:30

4th grade picnic, 10:10-2:30

Thursday, June 2

Talent Show

Friday, June 3

Early dismissal, 12:30


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Remember spare change for the 5th grade Wax Museum tomorrow:)

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Woohoo! Field Day is (almost) here!

We are going to be down a few adults in our classroom (including me for half the day), but this school community in incredible and our class has plenty of support for a fun day for everyone!

Ms Karin will be in our classroom in the morning, so touch base with her when you drop off. I should be back around lunchtime and can chat at the end of the day.

I hope many of you can make it to enjoy the day as well! If you haven’t already, please let me know if you’re planning on joining us tomorrow.

Schedule Reminder:

9:15  K, 2nd 4th.

1:15  1st ,3rd, 5th

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your immense support this week. I am grateful for each of you.

-Ms Wales

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Update on Ms Wales

I apologize for my absence thus far this week, including a surprise goodbye today, and would like to fill you in a bit about where I am.

On Saturday night after leaving our performance, two of my close friends were hit by another car after dropping off another member of our tribe. One died that same day, the other is being taken off life support tomorrow morning.

This is a very tough time for me and my community.  As I try to support myself and my friends, as well as attend memorial services, I will need to miss some more school this week. As of now, I have requested for a sub all day tomorrow and Friday morning.

I am very sorry to miss this time with the kiddos, especially given the end of the year fun that is all around us. I am grateful for our incredible school community which continues to support our classroom. I am confident our paras and the others in our school will do what is best for our students.

Feel free to email me if you have questions or concerns. I may not reply right away, but will try to connect with you when I’m able.

Thank you for your support and understanding. I will try to keep you updated on my absences via this website.

I am grateful for all of you.

-Ms Wales

PS-Please let me know your field day plans so that I can help our team plan accordingly, especially when I’m not there!

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Field Day Friday!

The schedule for Field Day this Friday is…

9:15  K, 2nd 4th.

1:15  1st ,3rd, 5th

I hope you can join us! Please touch base with me if you are planning on coming, as this will influence my class planning and supports.


-Ms Wales

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Sub for Ms Wales Monday

Heads up:)

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