What's going on in Room 125?

The Last-ish Update


I’d call this the last update, but I’m almost never right about that. We are incredibly near the end, though, so this is at least the last big one:)

The next two days are full of fun and closure. Tomorrow is the talent show and 2nd grade picnic. Many classrooms are doing fun things throughout the day. In our room, we’ll start cleaning up. Taking apart the room, especially individual student items is a concrete way to get some closure to the school year. This is important before the big transition to summer. We will also continue to talk about some of the changes for next year.

While we all spoke about some of the changes at least briefly, I’d like to share some  more information here.

In August, there will be a new teacher in Room 125. After many years of commuting from Boulder, I have decided to teach closer to home. This was an incredibly difficult decision that still doesn’t totally seem real. I love Edison. I love the students. I love you families. I love my team in the classroom and in the school. I feel confident in our school community and their support for these students. While I am going to miss all of you–and especially your kiddos–more than I can imagine, I know you are in good hands at our school.

Many of you have asked what I will be doing. I will be teaching at Broomfield Heights Middle (!) School in an “Intensive Learning Center.” Here I will teach students with significant needs–including, but not limited to students autism. I am excited about this position because I think it has great potential to make me a stronger teacher, especially when it comes to inclusion. Middle school seems like quite a challenge and I am excited (and nervous) to learn and grow as a teacher and advocate for these older students with diverse needs.

I do not have much information on the new teacher yet. (I know everyone is eager to hear more!) A teacher was hired, and several people on the interview committee work with our kids and had good things to say. Right now, we are waiting for her paperwork to go through HR, then I will be able to talk to her and learn more. Rest assured that I am sharing all I can about our class! She and I have emailed a bit. I am also giving many resources and information to Ms Karin and Ms Paula, both of whom will be here next year and can help with the transition. I will also leave this website up which has some of our resources and pictures of the classroom and school. So, still going to have to leave you hanging a bit now, but more will be coming and I feel good about what is happening. I’m sorry I don’t have more now!

We also hired two new paraprofessionals for next year (one for Valerie’s position and one for Katherine, who will be student teaching at another school in her quest to becoming a teacher). I’m very excited about both! Cassandra has been the health para here for the past couple of years. She knew our kids from the position and for the past few weeks has been in our classroom several days to shadow and jump in. Stacy worked at Edison as a kindergarten para several years ago. She left to work in a classroom for students with affective needs and now is coming back to Edison! She also knows our school and of our classroom.

I know these are big changes. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions about them. I have started to talk to the kids, showing them pictures of my new school and Katherine’s new school. We’re talking about who is still going to be at Edison, and who will be at new schools. I will send some of the materials I’m using to talk about this home! As with most concepts, categorizing, visuals, and labels can help with this transition. We’re answering “yes” and “no” for each student and teacher about coming back to Edison. We’re talking about the “new teacher.” We’re talking about the schools’ names and where they are. These kids are great! They have learned, practiced, and grown so much in “going with the flow” this year…this is just another expression of that.

I am excited for the new ideas, strategies, and viewpoints the new teacher will bring. I encourage you to be open to these changes while continuing to communicate what you know works well for your child. I will do my best to share structures, strategies, and supports with the new teacher, but do not hesitate to share your knowledge as well! Continue to be the amazing advocates you are!

I would love occasional updates if you’re willing to share. Feel free to reach out with stories, photos, or other updates with my personal email (kwaless@gmail.com) or find me on Facebook.

I already miss you all. Thank you for an incredible 5 years. I have learned so much for you and your children and my time at Edison has absolutely shaped me as a teacher. I could not have asked for a more supportive, knowledgeable, patient community. I am forever grateful for all I have learned from your children, you, and the remarkable people at this school. I wholeheartedly believe in your children. I know they are going to do incredible things in each of their unique, incredible ways. They will always be on my mind and my interest in and awe of them will always stay strong.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

-Ms Wales

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