What's going on in Room 125?


There are SO MANY resources out there to support you and your child! Below I list some that have been helpful to me or families I know, but these are by no means your only options! The “3 P’s” are a great place to get started (see below) for finding what you need and getting support to help learn and navigate the special education system. Please contact these organizations and/or me in order to have a good understanding of your rights as well as to get the support you need!

Important Numbers

Attendance line: (720) 424-7784

Edison’s office:  (720) 424-7780

Room 125: (720) 424-7799

District Sites

*Check out these sites for district information, calendars, etc.*

Edison Website: Check here for the Edison Calendar, community events, teacher information, and more!  http://edison.dpsk12.org/

DPS Website: Go here for district information, including the district calendar. http://www.dpsk12.org/

Special Education Parent Handbook: 2014-2015 Special Education Parent Handbook , English2014-2015 Special Education Parent Handbook, spanish


“3 P’s”…Parent Support through the Special Education Process

PEAK Parent Center: Go here to ask your questions about your rights as a parent of a child with disabilities, the IEP process, and supports for your child to be included in their neighborhood school. https://www.peakparent.org/

Parent 2 Parent: Go here to connect with other parents of children with disabilities in Colorado, including finding and sharing resources with other parents. This is a parent run group.       http://www.p2p-co.org/

Parents Encouraging Parents Conference: This conference is run by the Colorado Department of Education and provides information sessions to walk parents through the special education process in Colorado schools, your rights as a parent of a child with special needs, and ideas for advocacy. It also provides opportunities to connect with other parents of children with disabilities, to share your stories, and literally encourage each other.  This is free, provides food and lodging, and a great way to get a grasp of the special education process and receive emotional support. https://www.cde.state.co.us/cdesped/pep

Other Special Education Supports

Procedural Safeguards: Your rights as a parent of a child with special needs! http://www.cde.state.co.us/spedlaw/2011proceduralsafeguards

I’m Determined: This website includes resources, ideas, and activities to promote self-determination. I often use the powerpoints on this site for students to participate in their IEP meetings.  http://www.imdetermined.org/

Special Education Advisory Council: This agency provides parent trainings covering a variety of topics, such as “Advocating for your Child,” “Positive Behavior Support,” and trainings specific to disability. http://denver.co.schoolwebpages.com/education/components/scrapbook/default.php?sectiondetailid=161

Developmental Disability Resource Center: http://www.ddrcco.com/


Autism Specific Supports

Autism Society of Colorado: This organization provides many resources and opportunities for children and families with autism. A go-to site to find out more about support in Colorado.http://autismcolorado.info/ 720-214-0794

     Autism Society of America: autism-society.org 800-328-8476

Autism Community Store: Great materials, also hosts many events for families. http://www.autismcommunitystore.com/

Rethink Autism: Go here for webinars specific to teaching and raising children with autism. http://www.rethinkautism.com

OCALI: Go here for a plethora of information about teaching and living with a child with autism. The “Autism Internet Modules” provide great information. http://www.ocali.org/

Evidence-Based Practices: This document includes information from the National Autism Center about evidence-based practices for teaching children with autism. Page 37 begins the section about the 11 Established Treatments for children with autism, but the whole document includes important information.  NAC Evidence-Based Practice and Autism

This website has a list of evidence based practices for working with children with                autism published in 2014: http://autismpdc.fpg.unc.edu/node/727



Respite, Recreation, and Fun

Adam’s Camp: This is an organization based in Denver which provides recreational programs, specialized therapies, and family supports. http://adamscamp.org/

Easter Seals Summer Camp: http://www.easterseals.com/co/our-programs/childrens-services/summer-day-camps.html

To The Rescue Respite Services: http://www.totherescue.net/care-services

Safe Splash Swim School: http://www.safesplash.com/

DU Open Gym: Every Sunday from 5-6, open and targeted for children with disabilities and their siblings. $10.

Acres of Opportunity Ranch: Offers therapeutic horseback riding lessons (this is where we have visited as a class). http://www.acresofopportunityranch.com/

Jump Street: Offers a private hour for kids with special needs and their families the first Saturday of every month. http://www.gotjump.com/events/kids-special-needs-event-locations-9am-1st-saturday-every-month/

A Skate Foundation: skateboarding support for people with autism http://askate.org/home


Kid-Friendly Activities and Resources for Visuals and Activities at Home

Boardmaker Share: Boardmaker is the program we use to create visuals for schedules, communication, and activities in our classroom. You can register for this website for free to see activities that others have made. You do need the software to print the activities, so if there’s something that looks relevant and useful to your child, let me know so we can print it at school. http://boardmakershare.com/

Social Stories: Social stories are a great tool for proactively teaching and practicing specific social situations. They give children and their team consist language and tools for managing new or difficult social situations. This blog has a lot of examples. http://benziesangmassocialstoriesforautism.blogspot.com/?m=1

Free Printable Fun: Go here for free emotion-based games to print and play with your child. http://freeprintablefun.org/2008/04/printantable-emotions-game-autism.html

Do2Learn: Go here for all sorts of resources targeted at living/working with a child with special needs. Free printable visuals, games, and more. http://www.do2learn.com/index.htm

Strategies for supporting an anxious child: http://blogs.psychcentral.com/stress-better/2016/03/49-phrases-to-calm-an-anxious-child/

Starfall: Go here for activities for your child to practice their reading skills. If you have questions about which section is best for the skills your child is working on, let me know.  There is also math on this site! http://www.starfall.com/

Fun Brain: Go here for a variety of (mainly) educational computer games. http://www.funbrain.com/index.html

Have fun Teaching: Amazing youtube channel with videos for letters, numbers, and more! I use these videos in the classroom. http://www.youtube.com/user/havefunteaching

The Color: Go here for online coloring. Great opportunities to work on colors and labeling! http://www.thecolor.com/


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