What's going on in Room 125?

Recess Buddies

Check out the Recess Buddies site for more information!: www.recessbuddies.wordpress.com  Also check out the “frequently asked questions” tab of this site to learn more about the students with autism.

Thank you to the amazing 5th-graders from the 2011-12 school year that helped us start this program!



6 responses to “Recess Buddies

  1. vanaiah says:

    hello its vanaiah!!! tell everybody i said hi!!

    • Ms Wales says:

      So glad you’re using the website! Everyone says hi back:)

      (Sorry it took a while to reply…sometimes the website doesn’t let me reply, I’m not sure why!)

  2. Lina:) says:

    had a great time with game

  3. sam says:

    HI ms wales its sam just wanted to let you know shawn is a great friend to me.

    • Hi Sam,
      You are a great friend to Shawn, too! It is wonderful to see you having fun together. It means a lot for Shawn to have such a great friend in school. Thanks for all you do!
      -Ms Wales
      PS–Feel better!

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