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***Touch The World***

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*You may also make an additional donation at this site*

What: Touch the World, a fundraising event promoting fun, inclusion, and technology for students with autism and their friends

When: Friday, March 4th, 5:30-7:30

Where: Edison Elementary (3350 Quitman Street, Denver CO, 80212)

Tickets: Purchase on this site or at the door. $15 per ticket, kids 13 and under FREE


Questions: Kelsey Wales (kelsey_wales@dpsk12.org) or Ben Wilkins (benjamin_wilkins@dpsk12.org). Please also contact us if you have ideas and/or resources that may benefit this event (especially interested in sponsors/donations and food!)

Touch the World is an annual concert hosted by some of our students with autism and their friends in DPS. On March 4, 2016 from 5:30-7:30 the students from Edison Elementary and Stephen Knight Center For Early Education will be taking the stage to share their love for music, dancing, and having fun with their community. All of the proceeds from the concert go to fund innovative and exciting projects (see below) that are transforming Special Education. In recent years, the use of technology and general education inclusion has made a giant shift in how students in special education are receiving their education. Touch the World has been able to support special education teachers in building dream classrooms where students are excited to be at school and motivated to learn.

The teachers that are working to build this fundraiser have been continuously working to build a community that is focused on using technology and inclusion to support our students with autism. Students that have autism have difficulties communicating with others, regulating social/emotional changes, and they often have repetitive or unusual behaviors that prevent them from being educated in the general education classroom. Our hope is to create a classroom environment that is nurturing and supportive of ALL students. We hope to promote knowledge and understanding of people who communicate or behave in a different way, as well as give students in need the tools that will allow them to participate with their peers in this 21st Century world. Touch the World is a fun and family-centered opportunity to help make this happen.

.At the event you will:

  • Meet students, teachers, and other families from DPS’s classrooms for students with autism community.
  • Be entertained by local musicians and performances by the DPS students mentioned above.
  • Learn more about DPS’s classrooms for students with autism, as well as each classroom’s specific plans for their technology and inclusion projects.
  • Experiment with and learn about specific technology that is already being used in classrooms.
  • Participate in community-building activities promoting the special gifts and needs of all students.
  • Play games and make crafts with other students and teachers.
  • Enjoy light snacks

Our projects:

Ms Wales’ Project:
The past two year’s Touch the World funds allowed Edison to launch an “Inclusive T-shirt Project.” With student input, we create a t-shirt displaying Edison’s “CARES” values and a picture demonstrating inclusivity; we awarded the shirts to students and teachers who stood out for being inclusive to all students, particularly those with autism. We hope to use this year’s funds to revamp the project for the 2015-16 school year. Students and teachers who go above and beyond to include others at school will have the opportunity to receive a shirt, which they can wear to show their inclusive attitude. As time goes on, more and more students will have these shirts which will allow Edison to proudly show the world how much we care about others, while recognizing those who do such an amazing job of it. At Touch the World, you will have an opportunity to design a T-shirt with an inclusive message, picture, or both which demonstrates what an inclusive school community means to you. Following the event we will vote on a design or hybrid of designs and order as many T-shirts as our fundraising allows us.

At Touch the World, you will have an opportunity to design a T-shirt with an inclusive message, picture, or both which demonstrates what an inclusive school community  means to you. Following the event we will vote on a design or hybrid of designs and order as many T-shirts as our fundraising allows us.

Mr Ben’s Project:
This year’s Touch the World concert will help Stephen Knight buy a robot named Milo that will help us teach social and behavioral skills to our students. Milo is built with the most advanced robotics technology and comes with a curriculum designed to increase engagement and learning. Milo will allow students the opportunity to practice social skills and gain confidence using skills that otherwise cause anxiety when interacting with real people.




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  1. Sarah Grimm says:

    Fun! What a great idea!

  2. […] some time this weekend to purchase your tickets and invite friends and family to do the same at https://whatsuproom125.wordpress.com/touch-the-world/.  Tickets cost $20 per adult. If you cannot afford this right now, do not worry! We still want […]

  3. […] There will also be iPads, Wii, crafts, and food to enjoy!  Buy tickets at my classroom website: https://whatsuproom125.wordpress.com/touch-the-world/ and come have a good time with Room 125 and our families! Share this:TwitterFacebookLike […]

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