What's going on in Room 125?

Autism Community Store Sunday


Learned from a parent that the ACS is having a resource fair on Sunday: http://www.autismcommunitystore.com/community-news

Looks like there’s some great info! I’d love to hear how it goes if anyone attends!

Have a great weekend,

Ms Wales

PS-Horseback riding Monday! Weather appropriate clothes, lunch, water bottle:)

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Horseback Riding Photos

are up! Thanks, Ms Mary, for play paparazzi!

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New Pictures

Just added pictures from our visit from Ms Corinne and opening some DonorsChoose opening fun. Will add pictures from our first horseback riding trip soon! (There’s some extra steps since I forgot my camera.)

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Two Things

1. The weather is looking good and we are planning on going horseback riding Monday! I still need a waiver from one family. Please make sure to bring this Monday. Also, send your child in weather and dirt appropriate clothing, with a lunch, and with a waterbottle. See previous post about horseback riding for more information.

2. Yesterday we sent home a social story about “Standing Up for Myself.” This was made with a particular student in mind (we’ve talked separately), but we sent one home with everyone since it’s a good skill to talk about!

Have a great weekend!

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iPad Homework

For those of you who turned in the iPad waiver, I will be sending home an iPad with your child this weekend with a copy of the waiver and their homework assignment. I am also including the homework description below. This is a pilot project for me…so please let me know how it goes and how we can make it better! Thanks for all you do.

iPad Homework:

Use your iPad to take pictures of the fun things you do over the weekend or other breaks from school. Your mom or dad or another grown-up can take pictures of you having fun with your family and friends. You can put these pictures in the folder dated for the weekend or break. When you get back to school you will share these pictures with your friends and teachers to talk about your weekend!

iPad use directions:

  • Click “camera” on the first page of the iPad
  • Click the camera icon on the screen to take a picture
  • When you’re finished taking pictures, click on “photos” on the bottom menu of the iPad
  • Click on the alum dated for that weekend
  • Click on “edit” in the upper right hand corner
  • Click on “add photos” in the upper right hand corner
  • Select the photos you took by clicking them (they will then be “checked”)
  • Click “done” and see your photos added to that file

Let me know if you have questions!

Please return the iPad to school on the next school day. This is critical for this homework and for our learning.

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Horseback Riding Cancelled

All of this excitement and we have to cancel horseback riding today due to snow and impending extreme mud. Everything that I said about preparing for today, just keep in mind for next Monday!

See you soon.

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Horseback Riding Tomorrow!


Just a reminder that we are going on our first visit to Acres of Opportunity Ranch tomorrow. We will be leaving right at 9, so please prepare your child by talking about the “Surprise!”/changed schedule today and tomorrow morning. Perhaps even look at the website for pictures (http://www.acresofopportunityranch.com/the-herd.html). Please remember to:

-dress your child in weather and dirt appropriate clothing

-send a water bottle

-send a packed lunch

Let me know if you have any questions! Looking forward to a fun tripJ

-Ms Wales

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Weekly Update (1 Day Early): 4-9-14

Happy Spring!

Things are going well in our auditorium classroom. Thank you for being flexible and helping prepare your children for this.

A few important updates. Please read carefully (especially 1 and 2) and let me know if you have any questions:

1. Our first horseback riding trip is Monday. We will be going to Acres of Opportunity Ranch (http://www.acresofopportunityranch.com/) for the next 6 Mondays from 9-12:30. This is the third year our class has received a grant to do these trips. The instructor leads many hippotherapy classes and her horses are fantastic. We will work together to integrate IEP, communication, and behavior goals into our trips. In order to participate, we must have signed waivers and medical release forms. I will send these home or you can access via the “Welcome Packet” here: http://www.acresofopportunityranch.com/clickbook-how-to.html. Please return these signed forms to me by this Friday, April 11. Corinne will be visiting our classroom and pick them up then. Let me know if you have questions about these trips!

   1a. On horseback riding days…..

     -send your child in weather appropriate clothing…layers! Make sure they’re clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. We generally go rain or shine, hot or cold, as there are some indoor activities as well.

    -send a water bottle…again it’s getting hotter. And we’ll be on a ranch, so we want to stay hydrated!

    -send a packed lunch (if this is not possible please let me know ASAP so we can ask the cafeteria to save a lunch)

    -put sunscreen on your child before school if desired. Again, we’ll be outside all morning!

2. Many updates ago I asked for interest in sending the iPads home. Today I will send home liability forms for doing so. If you’re interested, I would like to send the iPads home in order for you/students to take pictures over weekends and breaks which we can then use to support conversation about what they did at home. Having pictures of what happened is a great tool to get kids started talked and/or serve as talking when others ask about their weekend. If you’re interested in this, please signe and return the “Student and Parent Agreement for Use of District Computing Devices” form. I would recommend doing this over sending your own iPad to school since our have protective cases and we have such a busy classroom. There is no obligation to do this, however. Only if you’re interested.

3. Our classroom DonorsChoose project is up. For those of you who have asked about classroom donations, here is a good spot to do it. Otherwise, feel free to send the link to anyone who may be interested! The PTA will also be supporting us with this. http://www.donorschoose.org/project/kids-will-be-kids/1205535/?challengeid=202090&rf=page_siteshare_2014_04_teacherid_1039164

These are some important updates. Please let me know if you have questions!

-Ms Wales


Tomorrow’s Classroom (4-9-14)


Just found out that tomorrow morning they will be doing work in our classroom from 8:30-12, so we will be creating a temporary classroom in the auditorium. Please drop your students off there in the morning and talk about the change as much as possible leading up until then.



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